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List of Venues

  1. Interior of the Dance Base studio, with glass ceiling

    Dance Base

  2. Blue sky shown through a clear panelled roof

    Edinburgh Academy Junior School

  3. The view from one of the entrances to the Edinburgh Park outdoor venue, with spotlights shining on a band playing guitars onstage.

    Edinburgh Park

  4. Image of the Festival Theatre auditorium

    Festival Theatre

  5. Performers stand in a line in Holyrood Park, with Arthur's Seat in the background

    Holyrood Park

  6. The red seats in the interior of the Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh.

    The Lyceum

  7. An image of the Old College Quad venue, with glass roof showing blue sky and university buildings

    Old College Quad

  8. The interior of Talbot Rice gallery- neoclassical columns with coloured lights

    Talbot Rice Gallery

  9. The front of the Traverse Theatre

    Traverse Theatre

  10. Edinburgh Kings Theatre

  11. CodeBase