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List of Events

  1. Two men double over laughing with their arms around each others' shoulders

    A Little Life

  2. A group of men stand in a line in silhouette, with a strip of blue sky visible behind them

    AT HOME: Am I Welcome?

  3. A man and a woman walk down a road between two grassy fields, carrying pictures of owls on their backs


  4. A blonde woman dressed in gray stands next to a colourful wall looking straight at the camera

    Anne Sofie von Otter & Brooklyn Rider

  5. A woman in a silver jumpsuit stands with one arm against the wall behind her and one arm stretched out to the side, looking in the same direction that her arm is reaching towards.

    An Untitled Love

  6. Two men stand in black coats with their hands in their pockets in front of an old stone building

    Arab Strap

  7. A greyscale image of a spotlit woman looking down, wearing a black jacket with her hair up.

    Arooj Aftab

  8. a woman sits in a sparse white room with watermelon halves on the floor around her

    as british as a watermelon

  9. Five people dressed in blue tones are in different positions against a white wall, with a man at the back of the group holding a wide, flat drum above his head.

    A Wee Journey

  10. Snowy steps next to a wall covered in graffiti

    The Ballad of A Great Disordered Heart

  11. The conductor shown mid-performance, holding his baton on a darkly lit stage

    Australian World Orchestra

  12. A black and white photo of a woman dressed in black with her hands raised and ready to conduct. She looks away from the camera to the musicians outside of the picture

    BBC Singers

  13. Yannick Nézet-Séguin conducting an orchestra with one arm outstretched and a range of string instruments and musicians behind him, all dressed in black

    Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

  14. A man sits in between two grand pianos with one arm resting under the lid of one of the pianos.

    Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

  15. A smiling woman stands with her arms up in the air, wearing a bright blue head wrap.

    The Book of Life

  16. A man in a suit sits on a wooden staircase, gazing out into the distance.

    The Brandenburg Concertos

  17. A young pianist sitting at the piano in the middle of a very passionate performance, with the right hand raised for extra drama. The artist is looking upwards and his face is sweaty and full of emotions.

    Bruce Liu

  18. Alan Cumming pictured in profile standing on top of a snowy mountain, wearing a long black coat with the collar turned up.


  19. A photo of three french horn players with focus on the central one, golden in the light. The musician looks ahead while getting ready to play.

    Chineke! Chamber Ensemble & William Barton

  20. Two men stand in a desert, one of them leaning on a large mirror. You can see a reflection of them in another mirror.

    The Cinematic Orchestra

  21. A sunny forest with tall, green trees in the background and a cleared path in the foreground with logs stacked up

    AT HOME: Climate Change and Displacement

  22. Musicians dressed in black suits and evening dresses playing cellos and violas

    The Closing Concert

  23. A row of identical women stand emotionless behind a male dancer who appears mid-movement, with his arms outstretched and weight balanced on one leg.


  24. A woman in a sari and a man in a polo neck shirt stand holding hands in the foreground, with other people out of focus behind them

    Counting and Cracking

  25. The sisters sit together on a piano stool with two grand pianos behind them, both dressed in black with red lipstick on.

    Czech Philharmonic 1

  26. On orchestra and conductor wearing black suits and black evening dress stand on stage in front of a sitting audience.

    Czech Philharmonic 2

  27. Four people lie on their backs with a soft glow across their face.


  28. A black and white group photo of the orchestra ensemble all dressed up for concert, standing and looking up at the camera while holding their instruments in their hands

    Dunedin Consort

  29. Edinburgh International Culture Summit

  30. Three boys in silhouette against a translucent, crumpled background, with one of them lying on the floor and two of them standing over him.

    The End of Eddy

  31. A woman is sat in a rusty red car with the door open and her arm leaning out of the window.

    Ezra Furman

  32. A man with grey curly hair stands in a blue shirt against a black background, holding a conducting baton


  33. A conductor is standing with his right arm in the air in front of a full orchestra on a stage, with an audience looking on.

    The Philadelphia Orchestra Plays Florence Price

  34. A man stands in a khaki shirt and blue jeans leaning on a railing looking into the camera.

    Florian Boesch & Malcolm Martineau

  35. Free Anniversary Concert

  36. A woman dressed in a white shirt with flowery, puffy sleeves and a black skirt sits in the middle of floating music sheets against a pastel light blue background

    Golda Schultz & Jonathan Ware