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List of Events

  1. The singer pictured with her back to the camera, looking back over her left shoulder to smile at the camera.

    A Grand Night for Singing

  2. Brighde Chaimbeul and Aidan O'Rourke performing on flute and fiddle

    A Great Disordered Heart: Shared Melodies

  3. The three members of Lau huddle together

    A Great Disordered Heart: Shared Futures

  4. The three members of Sian stand in front of a green wall

    A Great Disordered Heart: Shared Songs

  5. Head shot of Francesca Beard in a metallic top with badges

    A Toast to the People: Francesca Beard & Rafeef Ziadah

  6. Headshots of Hollie McNish and Wana Udobang

    A Toast to the People: Hollie McNish & Wana Udobang

  7. Headshots of Inua Ellams and Saul Williams

    A Toast to the People: Inua Ellams & Saul Williams

  8. A Toast to the People: Jay Bernard & Jefferson Tshabalala

  9. Head shots of Vanessa Kisuule and Safiya Sinclair

    A Toast to the People: Vanessa Kisuule & Safiya Sinclair

  10. Alan Cumming pictured sitting on the floor and leaning back on one hand, with his other hand draped across his raised knee.

    Alan Cumming is Not Acting His Age

  11. Anna Meredith pictured standing in profile with her head turned towards the camera, wearing jeans and a blue shirt with ruffled sleeves.

    Anna Meredith

  12. The singer pictured standing against a grey backdrop, wearing a black dress and turning her head to look directly at the camera.

    Ariadne auf Naxos

  13. The two musicians pose with their instruments, gazing out to the left of the camera.

    Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal

  14. Marin Alsop conducts, with baton in hand and the other hand raised in the air

    BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

  15. Nicola Benedetti looking to the left and smiling while holding her violin.

    Benedetti Baroque Orchestra

  16. The seven members of Black Country, New Road stand in a line, in brightly coloured clothes

    Black Country, New Road

  17. A cartoon of the three members of black midi, shown as drag race drivers

    black midi

  18. The Breabach members pose on a bridge with their instruments: fiddle, cello, bagpipes, guitar, and whistle


  19. Caribou's Sam Shepherd since in front of a colourful mural


  20. A close-up image of a member of the Chineke! Chamber Ensemble playing her cello, photographed from a low angle to show the position of her hand and bow.

    Chineke! Chamber Ensemble

  21. Andrea Baker performing onstage, singing with her arms outstretched.

    Chineke! Orchestra & William Eddins

  22. The five Dàimh band members hold their instruments, including guitar and fiddle


  23. Damon Albarn sits at a table, wearing a white t-shirt and pendant necklace

    Damon Albarn

  24. A group of young people sit around on sofas as two young men dance in the middle

    Dancing in the Streets: Alice Ripoll

  25. A man jumps as if running mid-air in Soweto, South Africa.

    Dancing in the Streets: Gregory Maqoma

  26. Janice Parker dances on a hill overlooking Edinburgh

    Dancing in the Streets: Janice Parker

  27. Aerial view of someone standing on grey sand, with a ring of dust around them.

    Dancing in the Streets: Omar Rajeh

  28. Studio image of Golda Schultz smiling

    Dido's Ghost

  29. A black and white image of Duncan Chisholm playing the fiddle in front of mountains

    Duncan Chisholm

  30. The pianist shown seated at an open grand piano, leaning forward and resting her head in her left hand. Her face is reflected in the shiny piano cover.

    Elisabeth Leonskaja

  31. A black and white close up of Erland Cooper

    Erland Cooper

  32. A man peeps out from a laundry basket as a boy looks out from behind a washing line


  33. The four members of Fara pose together; three women with fiddles and one man, all dressed in black.


  34. The singer pictured smiling while looking up and to the right, wearing a strapless dress and a silver pendant in the shape of Africa.

    Fatma Said & Malcolm Martineau

  35. Fatoumata Diawara stands in a desert landscape, wearing a blue cape that billows around her.

    Fatoumata Diawara

  36. A row of smiling people perform a dance in a field, with Arthur's Seat in the background.

    Field- Something for the Future Now