About our events

List of Events

  1. Woman standing on a rocks in ocean facing out to sea

    The Outrun

  2. Group of musicians facing camera smiling and holding instruments

    Preview Night: Breabach

  3. a high ceiling church with stained glassed windows

    900 Voices

  4. Distorted image of a man being lifted by a graphic hand on an abstract background

    Please right back

  5. city night scene with warm glow and Northern lights in sky

    Opening Event: Where to Begin

  6. Group of men and women standing by arched pillared wall

    Il Pomo d’Oro & Jakub Józef Orliński

  7. A woman and man stand face to face


  8. An orchestra performing with a singer

    Opening Concert: La Pasión según San Marcos

  9. Backstage Tour - Penthesilea

  10. Man holding arms in air conducting orchestra

    Opening Concert: St Matthew Passion

  11. Woman in flowing dress singing standing side on, facing camera with others behind her


  12. Yellow streamers descend from the ceiling on Nicola Benedetti and a group of musicians.

    First Night at The Hub

  13. Woman holding arms in air conducting orchestra

    Schola Cantorum de Venezuela

  14. 5 men dancing on stage arms and legs out stretched facing upwards

    Grupo Corpo

  15. Woman seated playing piano

    Yuja Wang

  16. Soumik Datta

  17. Backstage Tour - Carmen

  18. Man leaning on wall, man and woman either side holding stringed instruments

    Leonore Piano Trio

  19. Woman with red hair standing by water facing camera

    Bamberger Symphoniker: Hans Rott’s First Symphony

  20. Man in street holding a string instrument

    Sidiki Dembele

  21. Woman standing with arms crossed looking off camera

    Elizabeth Llewellyn & Simon Lepper

  22. Large group of people standing together on bridge over river

    Bamberger Symphoniker: Dvořák’s Ninth Symphony

  23. Man leaning on table, hands entwined and looking off camera

    Alexandre Kantorow

  24. A man and woman play stringed instruments

    Rising Stars with Leonore Piano Trio

  25. Man standing side on looking up, holding flowers behind his back

    Jordan Rakei

  26. Asrael Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal

  27. Man sitting outdoors Playing guitar

    Raphaël Feuillâtre

  28. Members Friday Drinks

  29. Man laughing holding stringed instrument, standing against yellow wall with bold shadows

    Hamilton de Holanda

  30. Bamberger Symphoniker: Dvořák & Suk

  31. Man dancing among cascading red flower petals

    Songs of the Bulbul

  32. Stringed musicians performing to an audience in large theatre

    Up Lates 1

  33. Man standing holding wind instrument

    Stefan Dohr & Friends

  34. Keynote Talk: Akala

  35. Woman wearing long black dress singing looking off camera

    Così fan tutte

  36. Group of musicians playing instruments on stage to audience

    Ceilidh Trail