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  1. Get to Know

    Carmen is as exciting as ever

  2. Large orchestra performing with instruments

    Festival Season for Families is here

  3. a busy street

    Join our pop-up and win tickets

  4. Highlights

    2024 Festival Highlights

  5. Two young girls stand dancing overlooking a big stage in Princes Street Gardens

    Where to Start

  6. News

    A Dancerʼs Dream: 25 young dancers experience the International Festival stage

  7. Announcements

    Announcing our Opening Event in Partnership with The Macallan

  8. A person’s silhouette with their arms in the air and fingers spread in front of a brightly lit stage

    The International Festival Recommends: Eight things to see and do in January

  9. A group of 20 young people stand on stage smiling in a group photo. Their backs are facing the empty auditorium.
    Get to Know

    Q&A with a trainee at Edinburgh International Festival

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    Celebrating Nicola Benedetti’s contributions to the City of Edinburgh

  11. A ferris wheel is lit up against a dark night sky.

    The International Festival Recommends: Eleven things to see and do in December

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    First Performances and Theme announced as part of the 2024 Edinburgh International Festival