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  1. A view of an Edinburgh street with two Edinburgh International Festival umbrellas in the foreground, one yellow, one black.

    75 hours at the 75th Edinburgh International Festival: week three

  2. A man in white robes sits handcuffed to a chair with a policeman behind him and people gathered around him looking concerned.

    What is Counting and Cracking all about?

  3. A woman with long blonde hair stands with her back to the camera, leaning against railings and looking out over the Edinburgh skyline, holding a tote bag featuring the logo of the 75th Edinburgh International Festival.

    75 hours at the 75th Edinburgh International Festival: week two

  4. A woman stands behind a camera, filming a performer in front of her.

    Announcing the 2022 At Home programme in partnership with abrdn

  5. A yellow Edinburgh International Festival branded umbrella held aloft over the Edinburgh skyline by someone facing away from the camera.

    75 hours at the 75th Edinburgh International Festival: week one

  6. Eight compelling new works at the 2022 Festival

  7. A smiling man stands in the spotlight on a dark stage, wearing a blue coat with his arms outstretched.

    New show from Gabriel Byrne joins our 2022 programme

  8. Welcoming a new leadership team in our 75th anniversary year

  9. A tin of fudge coloured in rainbow stripes decorated with the letters LGBTQIA

    How we celebrated Pride month in 2022

  10. A view from below of Edinburgh Castle against a blue sky

    Celebrating our 75th anniversary with over 35,000 free tickets

  11. A man and a woman stand on stage under a large suspended disk with watery projections behind them.

    What is Rusalka all about?

  12. a black stage with a solitary figure, dressed in a watermelon print dress and cradling a watermelon, standing behind a white frame

    New podcast released for World Refugee Day