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  1. A tin of fudge coloured in rainbow stripes decorated with the letters LGBTQIA

    How we celebrated Pride month in 2022

  2. A view from below of Edinburgh Castle against a blue sky

    Celebrating our 75th anniversary with over 35,000 free tickets

  3. A man and a woman stand on stage under a large suspended disk with watery projections behind them.

    What is Rusalka all about?

  4. a black stage with a solitary figure, dressed in a watermelon print dress and cradling a watermelon, standing behind a white frame

    New podcast released for World Refugee Day

  5. A woman stands in early-morning sunlight looking down into the camera, with her hair slicked back into a low ponytail and her hands in the pockets of her yellow puffa jacket. A bicycle wheel and tower block are visible behind here.

    Five Festival artists to listen to this Pride month

  6. A piper, electric guitarist and fiddler perform on a hazy, strobe-lit stage, with microphones and drumkits visible around them.

    Around the world in eight concerts

  7. A conductor is standing with his right arm in the air in front of a full orchestra on a stage, with an audience looking on.

    How well do you know our classical composers?

  8. Two men double over laughing with their arms around each others' shoulders

    The 2022 International Festival reading list

  9. The blue and yellow Ukrainian flag, with square black-and-white photographs of the musicians' faces superimposed in rows across it.

    Welcoming the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra to Edinburgh this August

  10. A man and a woman are dancing in a blue room with a cardboard tree.

    Highlights of the 2022 International Festival

  11. The conductor pictured mid-movement, looking intently at the orchestra with her arms raised.

    2022 Classical Music Highlights

  12. A woman wearing a green dress leans forward onto a white pillar, resting her hand in her chin and smiling at the camera.

    Nicola Benedetti to become our next Festival Director