Guests attending EIFF @ Edinburgh International Film Festival 2023

This list will be updated on a regular basis. Guests are subject to change and may not be in attendance at every screening.

Opening Film: Silent Roar

Johnny Barrington (Writer-director), Chris Young (Producer), Louis McCartney, Ella Lily Hyland, Victoria Balnaves (Cast)

Closing Film: Fremont

Babak Jalali (Director)


Thomas Schubert (Cast)

Choose Irvine Welsh

Ian Jefferies (Director), Irvine Welsh (Subject)

Chuck Chuck Baby

Janice Pugh (Director), Anne Bereseford, Adam Partridge (Producers), Louise Brealey, Celyn Jones, Annabel Scholey (Cast)

Dead Man's Shoes

Shane Meadows (Director), Mark Herbert (Producer)

Encounter One: Casual Intimacy

Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping (Co-Writers-directors, Femme), Colm McCready (performer, Scaredy Fat), Kirsty Logan (author, The Unfamiliar: A Memoir of Queer Motherhood), Ella Glendining (Writer-director, Is There Anybody Out There?)

Encounter Two: Creative Survival

Katie Goh (Author and critic, The End), Nikesh Shukla (author and agency founder; The Good Immigrant, Brown Baby), Guy Gunaratne (author and filmmaker; Mister Mister), Huw Lemmey (author and screenwriter; Ungentle, Bad Gays) and Paris Zarcilla (Director, Raging Grace)

Encounter Three: Defining Belonging

Babak Jalali (Director, Freemont), Heather Parry (author; Orpheus Builds a Girl), Anahit Behrooz (writer and editor; BFFs)


Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping (Writer-directors)

Is There Anybody Out There?

Ella Glendining (Writer-director), Janine Marmot (Producer)


Devashish Makhija (Director)


Rodger Griffiths (Director), Claire Mundell, Lee Brazier (Producers), Paul Higgins, Daniel Portman, Calum Ross, Brian Vernel, Anina Vettesse (Cast)


Ira Sachs (Director)

Raging Grace

Paris Zarcilla (Director), David Hayman (Cast)


Charlotte Regan (Director)

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Hope Dickson Leach (Director), Wendy Griffin (Producer), Lorn Macdonald, Henry Pettigrew, Peter Singh, Caroline Deyga, Tam Dean Burn, Ali Watt, David Hayman (Cast)

Sunday Salons

Ira Sachs (Director), Brandon Taylor (Writer-author)


Karoline Lyngbye (Director)

Tokyo Pop

Fran Rubel Kuzui (Writer-director), Kaz Kuzui (Producer)


Huw Lemmey (Co-Director)


Bette Gordon (Director)

The Wool Aliens (and Other Films)

Julia Parks (Director), Miwa Nagato-Apthorp (Performer)

Your Fat Friend

Jeannie Finlay (Director), Suzanne Alizart (Consulting Producer)