About Ilumina Residency

About our Residency programme

We welcome three outstanding and vividly contrasting ensembles to the 2024 International Festival. Taking up residency during the Festival run in August, these ensembles offer us in-depth and unique perspectives on the inner workings of their collective sound and ambitions. Residencies make time and space for the ensembles to deepen their connection with Edinburgh’s communities – from primary school pupils to our homegrown rising stars. The union between artists and audiences flourishes.


Affirming the value of shared experiences and reconciliation that drives the International Festival forward, Ilumina was born out of the transformative potential of community.

Founded by violist Jennifer Stumm, Ilumina unites world-leading soloists with rising stars from underserved communities in Latin America. Rather than a traditional orchestra, think of the São Paulo-based ensemble as an artist collective, in which its musical identity is forever shifting.

Ilumina represents trailblazing and influential methods of teaching, music-making and performing – all underpinned by an advocacy for inclusive diversity and the freshness of cultural exchange.

They kick off their residency with two totally unique beanbags concerts at the Usher Hall. In the afternoon, the ensemble guides you through an exploration of movement, rhythm and non-classical forms. Later that evening, their expansive programme featuring Mozart, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Jean-Baptiste Lully – to name a few – fill up Edinburgh’s beloved concert hall. Then, Ilumina takes on our Festival home, The Hub, where you can encounter their vibrant repertoire of popular Brazilian music – from samba to baião. To close, Ilumina performs with an electrifying cohort of Rising Stars that they have been readying for the stage throughout their International Festival residency.

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