About A perspective that's not one's own

A woman wearing a green dress leans forward onto a white pillar, resting her hand in her chin and smiling at the camera.

Nicola Benedetti, Edinburgh International Festival Director

“How far is it possible to go into the beliefs and perspectives of another?

We all experience disagreement, build our defences, solidify our beliefs, and armour ourselves with cynicism or apathy to protect our way of living.

But if there was ever a place to really question what liberation from that looks like, surely it is in Edinburgh during August.

When asked what I really dream of at the end of my own personal journey with Edinburgh International Festival, I always return to the same sentiment. I’d like to think that we have contributed to a deeper culture of listening, improved understanding of another person’s point of view and increased our tolerance of each other. Growing in curiosity and patience for the messy, beautiful, diverse story of humanity.

Let’s see what happens.”