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    Fremont to Close EIFF @ Edinburgh International Festival

  2. Still from Silent Roar, featuring teenage boy and teenage girl sitting on a rock and looking out to a sunset

    Silent Roar to Open EIFF @ Edinburgh International Festival

  3. Eight women stand singing defiantly while they are pulling red yarn. In the middle sits a woman on her knees, while images of the universe is projected on them.
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    What is Trojan Women all about? 

  4. A dancer lies on a red silk dress, she holds her upper body up above the ground with her arms.
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    What is The Rite of Spring all about?

  5. Get to Know

    Get to know Kyle Abraham

  6. A woman in a red dress sleeps curled up on a bed with her back to the camera, while above her a man descends upside down from a black rock climbing wall, with mystical red smoke billowing around him.

    Myths and legends in the 2023 International Festival programme

  7. A woman stands against a yellow background with a golden silk dress billowing around her and her head tipped back with dreadlocks hanging down

    Highlights of the 2023 International Festival

  8. A young man and woman sit looking bored on the steps in front of a small yellow house

    The International Festival recommends: eight things to see and do in April

  9. A group of men in suits and a woman in a vibrant pink dress bow and hold hands at the front of a stage
    Get to Know

    What is an opera in concert?

  10. A woman in a bright pink wig dressed as a robot stands on point with her image projected multiple times behind her

    The International Festival recommends: Seven things to do in March 2023

  11. Three people stand in front of banners with Edinburgh International Festival and BE United branding on them

    Announcing our new partnership with BE United to support Black, African and Caribbean creatives

  12. Artist and band on stage wearing silver with purple and yellow lights coming onto the stage

    The International Festival recommends: eight things to see and do this February