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  1. A woman with red hair in a yellow t-shirt smiles in front of an International Festival banner
    Get to Know

    What it’s like to be a Learning and Engagement trainee

  2. Three people sit on chairs playing different string instruments as a group of people watch their performance.

    Festival Favours

  3. Students sit socially distanced on a blue raised seating bank while wearing masks.

    Leith Academy drama studio receives new seating bank

  4. News

    Edinburgh International Festival Releases Compilation CD to Bring Music to those Creatively and Socially Isolated at Christmas

  5. Two men stand on an outdoor stage while installing a colourful backdrop.

    Play On: Stages

  6. News

    Edinburgh Festival Chorus: Finding Community in Lockdown

  7. News

    Culture Club Classes: Summer Edition

  8. News

    The August Festivals in 2020

  9. News

    Faces of Edinburgh Festivals

  10. News

    A week at Leith Academy

  11. News

    Introducing the new brand for Leith Academy residency designed by students

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    Creating the Festival Ambassadors