About Feel

To guide you on what to expect at the 2024 International Festival, we’ve outlined some of the different experiences we offer and the atmospheres you can expect. Set your intentions and find your route through the Festival.


A focused and intimate collective experience which commands your undivided attention. Leave any distractions at home to prepare for some deep concentration.

Experience it at: Nigamon / Tunai, The Opening Concerts, RSNO & Elim Chan,The Queen's Hall.


Lose yourself in an uplifting communal experience. Amass your friends and family for a joyous reunion. Or, if you are feeling brave, go alone and find company in the crowd.

Experience it at: Opening Event, Gigs, Beanbag concerts, The Hub.


Discover different worldviews through performance or go deeper into great works of art through conversation and insight. Bring an open heart and an open mind.

Experience it at: Hamlet, Please right back, Post-show talks, Mahler 5 Inside Out.


From compassion and desire to suspense and euphoria, stir your soul and stimulate your senses. Reach a dimension of mesmerisation rarely encountered in everyday life.

Experience it at: Carmen, The Marriage of Figaro, Grupo Corpo, Penthesilea.

List of Events