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It's a win-win situation: you're either going to prove you know the programme inside out, or learn a whole lot of interesting trivia. Good luck!

1. Which of these productions is NOT influenced by a Brothers Grimm folk tale?

- La Cenerentola
- Siegfried
- Hansel & Gretel
- Hocus Pocus

and the answer is...

Hocus Pocus

It may not be based on Brothers Grimm’s tale, but it tells a pretty fantastical story... There are several folk tales and myths in the programme this year, which you can read about on our blog.

Hocus-Pocus-Philippe-Weissbrodt-03b.jpg?mtime=20180517160238#asset:21321Hocus Pocus | Photo: Philippe Weissbrodt

2. Approximately how many fireworks are choreographed to music in the Virgin Money Fireworks Concert?

- 5,000
- 50,000
- 250,000
- 400,000

and the answer is...


Yes, THAT many! Read our fact and figures blog on last year’s Virgin Money Fireworks Concert to find out just how large and spectacular it is. Better yet - book some tickets to see (and count?) all the fireworks yourself in August.

Virgin-Money-Fireworks-Concert-©-Mihaela-Bodlovic-39.jpg?mtime=20180215173757#asset:4126Virgin Money Fireworks Concert | Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

3. Which of these artists has Akram Khan NOT collaborated with?

- performance artist Marina Abramović
- actress Juliet Binoche
- ballerina Sylvie Guillem
- singer Kylie Minogue

and the answer is...

Performance artist Marina Abramović

Akram Khan’s impressive career also includes such spectacles as the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Don’t miss a chance to see him in XENOS, one his final performances in a full length production.

XENOS-Production-Shots-Jean-Louis-Fernandez-13.jpg?mtime=20180430141220#asset:19605Akram Khan in XENOS | Photo: Jean-Louis Fernandez

4. Which of the literary works below is NOT linked to any production this year?

- 100 Poems on the Underground anthology
- La Maladie de la mort by Marguerite Duras
- Hinterland by Caroline Brothers
- En finir avec Eddy Belleguele by Édouard Louis

and the answer is...

Hinterland by Caroline Brothers

It may sound familiar though: a success with the audience and critics alike in 2017, Flightby Vox Motus was based on this novel. If you’re keen to make yourself familiar with literary works that influenced some of the shows this year, just take a look at our handy 2018 reading list.

Flight-Drew-Farrell-02.jpg?mtime=20180523144343#asset:21971Flight | Photo: Drew Farrell

5. Which of these artists will play a concert at the International Festival as part of their I Am A Lot Like You! tour?

- John Grant
- St. Vincent
- The Jesus and Mary Chain
- Joan As Police Woman

and the answer is...

St. Vincent

As she promotes her latest Misseduction album, the Grammy Award-winning musician brings her transgressive pop on a rare visit to Scotland on 26 August. But you can hear all of the artists mentioned above (and many more!) at the International Festival in 2018!

St-Vincent-Nedda-Afsari-02-facebook.jpg?mtime=20180306145540#asset:12383St. Vincent | Photo: Nedda Afsari

6. The birth centenary of which musical genius do we celebrate this August?

- George Gershwin
- Leonard Bernstein
- Olivier Messiaen
- Benjamin Britten

and the answer is...

Leonard Bernstein

On the very day of the 100th anniversary, 25 August, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra with Nicola Benedetti conducted by Marin Alsop, as well as Hebrides Ensemble play concerts featuring works of Bernstein.

Leonard-Bernstein-Paul-de-Hueck-Courtesy-of-the-Leonard-Bernstein-Office.jpg?mtime=20180523130731#asset:21897Leonard Berstein | Photo: Paul de Hueck Courtesy of the Leonard Bernstein Office

7. Which ensemble is Grammy award-winning jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves joining in August?

- Orchestra of the Americas
- NYO-USA Jazz
- National Youth Orchestra of Canada
- Colburn Orchestra

and the answer is...


Grammy award-winning jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves, compared with Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald for her powerful voice and big personality, joins the youth orchestra on 5 August to celebrate the big band sound.

Dianne-Reeves.jpg?mtime=20180523130512#asset:21895Dianne Reeves

8. What are the two shows by L-E-V Dance Company in this year's programme called?

- Emotion 12 and Persephone
- All You Need Is Love and All That Matters
- OCD Love and Love Chapter 2
- Emoticons and Why Don't You Love Me

and the answer is...

OCD Love and Love Chapter 2

You’re going to LOVE them! An unmissable double treat for dance fans, intensely kinetic OCD Love and provocative Love Chapter 2, are two standalone pieces exploring one of the biggest questions: what is love?

OCD-Love-Gil-Shani-05.jpg?mtime=20180430140703#asset:19589OCD Love | Photo: Gil Shani

9. Which play by Samuel Beckett comes to the Lyceum Theatre this August?

- Happy Days
- Krapp’s Last Tape
- Molloy
- Waiting for Godot

and the answer is...

Waiting for Godot

Whether you’ve seen this piece on stage before, or it’s your introduction to Beckett, Druid's production is a must-see.

Waiting-for-Godot-Matthew-Thompson-13.jpg?mtime=20180430140444#asset:19565Waiting for Godot | Photo: Matthew Thompson

10. Which show takes up residency at The Hub this year?

- Midsummer
- Hocus Pocus
- Cold Blood
- The Prisoner

and the answer is...


We can’t wait to host you in the home of the International Festival for this heart-warming and humorous love-letter to Edinburgh.

Midsummer-image.jpg?mtime=20180129172954#asset:2504Midsummer | Photo: Peter Dibdin

11. Where does the free outdoor performance Kadamati take place?

- Festival Square
- Grassmarket
- Palace of Holyroodhouse
- Castle esplanade

and the answer is...

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Mark your calendars! At 6.15pm on 22 August, Kadamati brings together hundreds of local dancers in a grand gesture of unity.

Kadamati-2016-Kios-Miah-04.jpg?mtime=20180322162906#asset:16387Kadamati | Photo: Kios Miah

12. Which part of Wagner’s Ring cycle is in the programme in 2018?

- Das Rheingold
- Die Walküre
- Siegfried
- Götterdämmerung

and the answer is...


Following the epic Die Walküre in 2017 (ah, the memories!), a star-studded cast of soloist joins Hallé led by Sir Mark Elder to lead us ever deeper into Wagner’s vast mythological universe...

Die-Walküre-Beth-Chalmers-01.jpg?mtime=20180208130145#asset:3554Die Walküre at the 2017 International Festival | Photo: Beth Chalmers

13. Which of these artists was commissioned to compose music for the Aberdeen Standard Investments Opening Event: Five Telegrams?

- Karine Polwart
- Anna Meredith
- Hebrides Ensemble
- Greg Lawson

and the answer is...

Anna Meredith

2016 Scottish Album of the Year winner also performs her album Varmints with Southbank Sinfonia on 11 August at Leith Theatre as part of Light on the Shore with Edinburgh Gin Seaside.

Anna-Meredith-Kate-Bones.jpg?mtime=20180430172337#asset:19857Anna Meredith | Photo: Kate Bones

14. A breathtaking spectacle of illusion, choreography, inexplicable construction and live documentary by Geoff Sobelle is called...

- There’s No Place Like Home
- Home Is Where the Heart Is
- Home Sweet Home

and the answer is...


What makes a house a home? Join this magical house party on the grandest scale to explore this question..

Home-Hillarie-Jason-08.jpg?mtime=20180430140426#asset:19553HOME | Photo: Hillarie Jason

15. In terms of narrative, The Barber of Seville is a prequel to which opera?

- The Marriage of Figaro
- Fidelio
- Don Giovanni
- La traviata

and the answer is...

The Marriage of Figaro

Yes, Figaro is the same character in both operas. They are based on a trilogy of comedies written by Pierre Beaumarchais, and yes - there is a lesser-known third installment too. Find out what it's called and get to know more trivia on our blog.

The-Marriage-of-Figaro-Eszter-Gordon-76.jpg?mtime=20180523124831#asset:21849The Marriage of Figaro was at the International Festival in 2015 | The Photo: Eszter Gordon

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