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    Celebrating Nicola Benedetti’s contributions to the City of Edinburgh

  2. A ferris wheel is lit up against a dark night sky.

    The International Festival Recommends: Eleven things to see and do in December

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    First Performances and Theme announced as part of the 2024 Edinburgh International Festival

  4. The singer pictured with green and yellow pin curls wearing a black diaphonous gown, illuminated by a spotlight against a black background.

    The International Festival Recommends: Seven things to see and do in November

  5. Nicola Benedetti stands on a balcony smiling at the camera with a view of Edinburgh behind her

    Festival Director Nicola Benedetti to receive the Edinburgh Award 2023

  6. A woman sings in front of a microphone wearing a large gold dress and a gold head piece. Behind her is a band playing instruments.
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    What is a song cycle?

  7. Six musicians in black stand on the stage with their instruments after a concert. The walls and curtains behind them are blue and in front of them a full concert hall of people is applauding.

    The International Festival Recommends: Seven things to see and do in October

  8. Nicola Benedetti, a white woman in a long purple dress, stands holding her violin with her head tipped back and smiling as yellow streamers float down with other musicians surrounding her

    The 2023 International Festival in pictures

  9. Nicola Benedetti stands smiling in front of a fountain in Princes Street Gardens with Edinburgh Castle visible in the background

    Nicola Benedetti delivers successful first Edinburgh International Festival

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    EIFF @ Edinburgh International Festival draws to a close

  11. A conductor with curly hair stands on stage conducting an orchestra mid-performance
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    A New Musical Landscape: Symphony No 9 in D minor by Ludwig van Beethoven

  12. An orchestra plays, as a conductor with white hair stands in front of them. They are wearing all black, and are seated in a large room with large wooden organ pipes behind them.
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    A Hymn to Joy: Turangalîla-Symphonie by Olivier Messiaen