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We're living up to our name, with renowned companies from across the world coming to Edinburgh this August. Here's an introduction to just a few of them.

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (formerly Toneelgroep Amsterdam) is one of Europe’s most consistently exciting ensembles, led by director Ivo van Hove. A leading light of Dutch theatre culture, ITA aims to build on tradition by offering an innovative, contemporary programme.

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam comes to the International Festival with a revelatory updating of Oedipus. Directed by Robert Icke, Sophocles’ tragedy becomes a chilling thriller, told in real time.

Peacock Contemporary Dance Company (China)

Peacock Contemporary Dance Company is led by Yang Liping, a superstar choreographer and dancer in her native China. Currently a judge on So You Think You Can Dance China and vice-chair of China Dancers Association, Yang Liping was propelled to fame by her dance piece Spirit of the Peacock.

Rite of Spring is Yang’s second major international co-production, performed by some of China’s most exceptional traditional and modern dancers. She has assembled a highly experienced creative team from China and around the world, including Oscar-winning designer Tim Yip who is best known for his work on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Cas Public (Canada)

Founded in 1989 by contemporary dance artist Hélène Blackburn, Montreal-based Cas Public has made a name for itself in Canada and beyond. Known for its eloquent dance and intense physicality, Cas Public gives more than 100 shows per year, half of which are presented internationally.

Cas Public is also home to an atypical performer. Cai Glover overcame a hearing impairment to become a professional dancer. Choreographer Hélène Blackburn uses his disability as a point of departure for her athletic creation 9 (a nod to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony). 9 has been created for a young audience, the latest in a long line of family friendly creations by Cas Public.

Sydney Theatre Company (Australia)

Sydney Theatre Company was established in 1978 and has been a been a major force in Australian theatre ever since. It presents an eclectic programme, focusing on Australian plays as well as classic repertoire and new international writing.

Currently led by Artistic Director is Kip Williams, Sydney Theatre Company has worked with a number of internationally renowned directors in recent years. The company has also launched and fostered the theatre careers of many of Australia's biggest stars, including household names like Toni Collette, Rose Byrne and Cate Blanchett.

Described as 'one of the most brilliant and important plays Australia has ever produced' by Arts Hub, The Secret River marks Sydney Theatre Company's International Festival debut.

International Institute of Political Murder (Switzerland & Germany)

The IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder – was founded in 2007 by Swiss theatre director Milo Rau, one of the most compelling and controversial figures in contemporary European theatre.

Specialising in multimedia treatment of historical and sociopolitical conflicts, IIPM has created over 50 theatre productions, films, books, exhibitions and actions. Its works have toured more than 30 countries, where they have been lauded by critics and sparked widespread debate.

La Reprise: Histoire(s) du theatre (I) is an audacious piece of investigative theatre, as Rau creates an uncompromising theatrical documentary around a savage killing that shocked Belgium.

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