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Why not give dance a go this August? To help you find shows you may like, we’ve lined up some video teasers and photos below.

In the dance programme at the 2018 International Festival, you’re invited to explore a complex universe of love, confront the tragedies of the First World War, reflect on the human body as an autobiographical archive, and be amazed by the miniature adventures of dancing hands…

Let’s take a closer look at each of the dance shows coming to Edinburgh in August below, or if you're in a rush you can just watch this one minute summary video of this year's dance programme:


This deeply personal show for ten dancers created by Wayne McGregor draws on the choreographer’s collaboration with scientists from the Wellcome Trust. The mass data from McGregor’s own genome is sampled to determine the order of Autobiography’s sequences, making each performance truly unique for dancers and audience alike.

Love Cycle

Is there anything more unexplainable than love? Asking that question are two complementary but standalone shows from L-E-V Dance Company: OCD Love and Love Chapter 2. Choreographer Sharon Eyal and multimedia designer Gai Behar present a visceral expression of emotion and obsession, fuelled by pulsating techno beats of DJ Ori Lichtik.


Don’t miss a chance to see one of the final performances of Akram Khan in a full-length solo production. Over the years, he has become known for his epic storytelling works, shifting between classical Indian kathak and contemporary dance techniques, as well as a range of exciting collaborations with artists such as Juliette Binoche, Sylvie Guillem, or Kylie Minogue. In XENOS, Akram Khan explores the beauty and the horror of the human condition through the eyes of an Indian soldier in the trenches during the First World War.

Cold Blood

Think an old Hollywood tap routine or zero-gravity acrobatics at a space station, all performed by a cast of dancing hands… Yes, Cold Blood is like nothing you’ve seen before! A live cinema-dance show is created in front of your eyes, using a miniature set design and tiny props to tell the greatest adventures. You may never look at your hands in the same way again!


This free outdoor performance brings together hundreds of local dancers choreographed by Akram Khan to mark the end of the First World War on its centenary year. Witness the grant gesture of unity outside the Palace of Holyrood on Wednesday 22 August at 6.15pm.

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