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HEAR WORD! is a collection of multi-generational stories of inequality and transformation. Here are five reasons why it's a must see this August.

1. Ten of Nigeria’s biggest stars

HEAR WORD! features an all-star cast of some of Nigeria’s biggest stars of theatre, film and television. The ten strong all-female cast includes Joke Silva, Ufuoma McDermott and Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, bringing a real depth of experience to this powerful performance.

2. It's timely and relevant

Originally conceived in 2015, HEAR WORD! could hardly feel more relevant in this #MeToo era. Expect stories of domestic violence, of women’s absence from positions of power, of resilience and resistance, of shattering the culture of silence, of overturning the status quo, of abuse, disrespect, bravery, sisterhood and joy.


Let’s flip this story and have these women standing tall and strong
Ifeoma Fafunwa, playwright and director of HEAR WORD!
3. You'll laugh and you'll cry

Despite the serious topic and some harrowing moments, HEAR WORD! is an ultimately uplifting show. There are moments of humour and joy and some big belly-laughs. It’s a radiant display of defiance, a life-affirming call for female solidarity and empowerment.


There is pain onstage, sure, but there's also an inspiring, life-affirming joy that makes Hear Word! a fascinating, effervescent tour de force that feeds the soul.
Theatre Mania
4. There's music and dancing

The stories are punctuated by energetic dance numbers, with a soundtrack of live percussion from a trio of musicians.

5. The costumes are sublime

Designed by Nigerian label Ituen Basi, the costumes worn by each of the ten actresses are a vivid celebration of style and individuality.