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We are pleased to announce our new relationship with social entrepreneurial organisation BE United to support Black, African and Caribbean creatives in Scotland. The partnership is based on a shared vision, mutual values and a mission to see greater representation of diversity at all levels and to create lasting change across the Scottish creative sector.

Through the partnership, BE United will provide resources for Black, African and Caribbean creatives interested in a career in the arts and support candidates applying for roles across the Marketing, Ticketing and Programming teams. They will focus on person-centred support and training opportunities throughout the job interview process, with the goal of helping aspiring creatives develop their professional voices and skills and establish successful careers in their chosen creative fields.

We continue our commitment to diversity through this partnership, fostering an inclusive, welcoming environment for all visitors, artists and Festival staff. By growing more diverse, our output is creatively enriched and audiences are offered deeper and more wide-ranging artistic experiences.

Francesca Hegyi, Chief Executive, said:

'The Edinburgh International Festival is proud of our position as a leader in the Scottish creative sector and our role as a meeting point for international cultures. It is so important to work alongside artists and companies who share our values in fostering a truly inclusive culture to enrich our cultural sector even more.'

Emma Sithole, Executive Director at BE United said:

'This partnership represents a significant shift that is occurring in our cultural sector, one which we are happy to be involved in. We are excited about this partnership, what it will lead to and of course the longer term influence we can have in our festival city.'

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