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Peter Gynt © Mads Perch Rgb Photo: Mads Perch

Peter Gynt: Adapting an epic


The team behind Peter Gynt discuss the raucous reboot as we take a look behind-the-scenes...

David Hare kidnaps Ibsen's most famous hero in this raucous reboot from the National Theatre as Scottish star James McArdle takes on the challenging title role of Peter Gynt.

The actor chats with director Jonathan Kent and writer of the adaptation David Hare about the new production and why Ibsen's play is still relevant today. Watch the video of the trio - the team behind the triumphant Young Chekhov season at Chichester Festival Theatre and the National Theatre - discussing the radical new version below.

It’s completely relevant and it feels there’s a reason to do the play

James McArdle, Peter Gynt

It's a celebration of life and also a celebration of theatre

Jonathan Kent

Ever wondered what it takes to create the artwork for a production? We also went behind-the-scenes and inside the photoshoot with James to catch the first glimpse of him taking on the supremely challenging role of Peter Gynt; one ordinary man on an epic lifetime journey.

James McArdle is Peter Gynt, the most unique and special man in the world. Or so he thinks...

The National Theatre and Edinburgh International Festival co-production of Peter Gynt comes to the Festival Theatre on 1-10 August 2019.

Peter Gynt © Mads Perch Rgb

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