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List of Events

  1. Man seated arm resting on ledge looking to camera

    Seong-Jin Cho

  2. Healing Arts Scotland – Opening Celebration

  3. Woman wearing virtual reality headset in crowded room

    Philharmonia Virtual Reality Experience

  4. Symphony Orchestra standing together in grand hall holding their instruments

    São Paulo Symphony Orchestra & Hilary Hahn

  5. a man sits on a persian rug playing a stringed instrument

    Mustafa Said

  6. Woman with long dark hair looking off camera


  7. Four women sitting on stairs in dappled light, holding stringed instruments looking right

    Kleio Quartet

  8. Woman looking off camera holding a stringed instrument

    Wu Man

  9. Woman  with dark hair seated playing piano

    Kammerorchester Basel

  10. Men standing on beach behind drum facing camera

    Balimaya Project

  11. Man leaning on open piano arms folded, facing camera and smiling

    Pierre-Laurent Aimard

  12. The Fifth Step

  13. Group of women wearing blue dresses, holding scissors in the air above their heads

    Philharmonia Orchestra Residency: Fire in my mouth

  14. A woman with microphone in front of large photo of people in a line

    After the Silence

  15. Lisa O׳Neill

  16. Group of people standing holding stringed instruments, all looking at man centre stage who is facing camera

    Irish Baroque Orchestra

  17. Two men dressed in armour holding sword over another, others reaching inwards towards them in framed scene

    Assembly Hall

  18. Group of young adults standing arm in arm smiling and laughing

    Rising Stars of Brass

  19. A woman in a draping red dress stands against a deep red curtain, looking into the camera with her hands behind her head

    Nadine Shah

  20. Woman Playing Violin

    Midori & Özgür Aydin

  21. Capriccio Orchestra Rehearsal

  22. Man with Dark hair looking off camera holding a pocket watch

    Scott Silven: Wonders

  23. A man is standing in front of an orchestra, conducting

    BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra & Sir Donald Runnicles

  24. A women is lying on some grass looking up at the camera

    Bat for Lashes

  25. Group of singers performing on stage to an audience in circular theatre

    Exploring Rossini with Thomas Quasthoff

  26. Man and woman facing each other holding instruments

    Cätlin and Marko Mägi with Finlay MacDonald & Ali Hutton

  27. Man Arms outstretched towards stringed musicians, conducting orchestra performance

    Philharmonia Orchestra Residency: Verdi’s Requiem

  28. Five people seated and facing camera

    The Magnetic Fields: Part One

  29. group of people sitting with instruments, woman in centre facing forward


  30. Woman Playing Violin

    Philharmonia Orchestra Residency: Family Concert

  31. Keynote Talk: Gordon Brown

  32. Group of people on a stage, hands linked and taking a bow

    Closing Concert: Capriccio

  33. Woman singing center stage holding stringed instrument

    Endea Owens

  34. Orchestra performing on stage, conductor standing hands raised centre stage

    GRIT Orchestra

  35. A group of 5 people sit and stand around a dark-lit red table.

    The Magnetic Fields: Part Two