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List of Events

  1. The conductor pictured mid-movement, looking intently at the orchestra with her arms raised.

    Royal Scottish National Orchestra

  2. The conductor shown holding her baton and looking up at the camera, dressed in a white shirt and black tuxedo jacket.

    AT HOME: Royal Scottish National Orchestra & Elim Chan

  3. A black-and-white photograph of a man wearing a bow tie and black tuxedo, standing in a wood-panelled room andsmiling at the camera

    Rudolf Bing Memorial Lecture

  4. A woman in a flowing green dress stands in a dark forest with moss trailing around her. She is looking off to the side.


  5. The singer pictured in a black-and-white close-up shot, wearing a white blouse and gazing into the distance


  6. Two dancers on a spot-lit stage hold their arms in front of them as sand pours out of their hands.


  7. The singer pictured wearing a navy coat and matching scarf, looking directly into the camera.


  8. The violinist pictured standing facing the camera and smiling widely with her hands in her pockets, dressed in black against a black backdrop.

    Scottish Chamber Orchestra

  9. A smiling woman holds a clarinet lengthways in both hands, looking off to the side.

    Sharon Kam & Enrico Pace

  10. Four men stand looking at the camera against a red background, with light falling over their faces.

    Sons of Kemet

  11. A man wearing an orange jacket and sunglasses holds a mirror in front of him, refracting blue and green rays of light around the room.


  12. A string quartet stand in a grassy field against a mountainous backdrop, smiling towards the camera and holding their instruments.

    Takács Quartet

  13. A greyscale photo of a man sat with his head turned to the side, smoking a cigarette with plumes of smoke emerging from it with an electric violin resting on his knee.

    Taraf de Caliu

  14. The blue and yellow Ukrainian flag, with square black-and-white photographs of the musicians' faces superimposed in rows across it.

    The Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra

  15. A composite image of a man sat in a floral shirt in a library and a woman with dark hair holding a camera on her shoulder


  16. A man sits at a piano conducting with his hands in the air

    Wayne Marshall Plays Gershwin

  17. A man and a woman are dancing in a blue room with a cardboard tree.

    We Are Monchichi

  18. A man in a doctor's coat is sat at a desk with a laptop in front of him, looking into a video camera

    When You Walk Over My Grave

  19. An image of a road on a sunny day, with a forest on one side and fields on the other with a road sign pointing to 'Dungavel House IRC'

    Detention Dialogues

  20. A woman with Down Syndrome stands with her arms open wide in front of a painting of a child with her arms in the same position.

    You Know We Belong Together

  21. A man with dreadlocks wearing a skirt and trousers made of white fabric jumps in the air with his arms outstretched.

    Windows of Displacement

  22. Three people in silhouette looking over Usher Hall with a full audience

    AT HOME: 75 Years Later