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List of Events

  1. A bearded man in a black suit looks straight at the camera, sitting in front of a bright orange painting

    Hebrides Ensemble with Brett Dean

  2. A woman dressed in all black stands with a full audience behind her, with one hand in the air and a conductor's baton in her other hand.

    Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

  3. A man stands with a microphone in one hand and his other arm raised with a keytar around his neck in front of a purple background.

    Herbie Hancock

  4. An pop art style illustration of a smiling woman with purple hair wearing a t-shirt that says 'I am an immigrant' in red letters

    I Am An Immigrant

  5. Two woman in matching puffy dresses, one blue and one yellow, sit holding a conch shell in one hand and their braids in the other.


  6. The conductor pictured seated behind a music stand, holding his viol in one hand and gesturing with the bow in his other.

    Ibn Battuta: The Traveller of Time

  7. An ensemble of musicians playing traditional Turkish instruments sit in a semi-circle around a woman who is standing and singing, in front of a castle lit up in blue.

    Istanbul 1710

  8. A black-and-white photo of a man wearing a velvet polo neck and leaning against a wall, taken from a high angle and lit so that his shadow is visible behind him,

    Jeff Mills: Tomorrow Comes The Harvest

  9. A woman climbs a tree in a jungle, watching something below her.

    Jungle Book reimagined

  10. A artist pictured from the shoulders up, wearing a brown shirt and smiling slightly, standing outside with a tree and hedge in the background.

    Kae Tempest

  11. The orchestra shown onstage in the distance, with the silhouettes of rows of audience members in the foreground.

    Les Siècles

  12. A man with curly white hair wearing all black against a black background, holding a conductor's baton aloft

    London Symphony Orchestra

  13. The singer pictured wearing a blue denim shirt and red lipstick, with lipstick kisses superimposed over her face and the middle of the image.

    Lucy Dacus

  14. Acrobats form human columns on a spotlit stage, with two other dances in aboriginal clothes superimposed top-right


  15. A woman sits inside a car with her head resting over her arms and looking out from the back of the car to the camera

    Magdalena Kožená & Yefim Bronfman

  16. A man in a black suit and a grey scarf walking towards the camera through a snowy forest

    The Magic Mountain

  17. A conductor with his arms aloft in front of a sea of string instrument musicians

    Mahler's Third Symphony

  18. Malcolm Martineau & Steven Osborne

  19. A man with shoulder-length curly hair, wearing a black shirt and wire-rimmed glasses, sits holding a violin, looking up at the camera.

    Martin Hayes & The Common Ground Ensemble

  20. Adura Onashile looks directly at the camera with a soft halo of light behind her.


  21. A man stands wearing a white jacket in front of an orchestra with an audience behind him, with his eyes closed and his arms aloft.

    Mozart Chamber Works

  22. Shadowy figures stand behind  barbed wire fence, with a turquoise overcast.

    Muster Station: Leith

  23. A piper, electric guitarist and fiddler perform on a hazy, strobe-lit stage, with microphones and drumkits visible around them.


  24. A man and a woman stand on a rainy beach next to a colourful caravan

    Oh Europa

  25. Members of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus dressed in all black holding folders with sheet music in front of them whilst they sing.

    The Opening Concert

  26. Two men in suits and two women in dresses stand smiling at the camera in a glass sided corridor.

    Pavel Haas Quartet

  27. A group of musicians sit in a semi-circles on a wooden stage, playing string instruments.

    Philharmonia Chamber Players

  28. A greyscale photo of Seong Jin Cho dressed in a black suit leaning against a grand piano with his arms stretched out to both side.

    Philharmonia Orchestra

  29. A man stands in front of large windows leaning against the top of a grand piano

    Pierre-Laurent Aimard

  30. A woman stands in early-morning sunlight looking down into the camera, with her hair slicked back into a low ponytail and her hands in the pockets of her yellow puffa jacket. A bicycle wheel and tower block are visible behind here.

    Princess Nokia

  31. Lots of gymnasts are performing jumps and tumbles in silhouette against a red, smoky background.

    The Pulse

  32. AT HOME: Rethinking Internationalism I

  33. AT HOME: Rethinking Internationalism II

  34. Richard Egarr dressed in a suit and a white bow tie stands behind a harpsichord with the lid open.

    Richard Egarr & Friends

  35. The fortepianist shown sitting in front of a grand piano, looking directly into the camera with his arms folded over the back of the chair.

    Ronald Brautigam, Esther Hoppe & Christian Poltéra

  36. A man with curly white hair sits on the floor leaning over a contraption of some sort, with a woman in a white dress playing the violin in the background.