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List of Events

  1. Woman standing behind musical instrument

    Peni Candra Rini

  2. Man with Dark Hair looking off camera

    Maxim Emelyanychev & Principals of the SCO

  3. Man leaning on table with folded arms looking at camera

    Youssou N’Dour

  4. Five people seated on floor playing string and wind instruments

    Ustatshakirt Ensemble

  5. Man sitting in front of stringed instrument

    Sheku Kanneh-Mason & Harry Baker

  6. Ilumina Residency: Exploring Ilumina

  7. A dark-haired woman wearing a red dress smiles into the camera, a violin at her side

    Ilumina Residency: In the Light of Shadow

  8. Man with dark hair facing left off camera

    Ian Bostridge & Steven Osborne

  9. The Outrun - Relaxed Performance

  10. Musicians performing on stage and dancing energetically

    The Alehouse Sessions

  11. Man crouched on stage holding skull


  12. Woman pours liquid in to an ornate metal container

    Nigamon / Tunai

  13. Woman holds stringed instrument people gathered around her with arms entwined

    Musicians from Ilumina

  14. Large female choir singing above orchestra musicians

    Edinburgh Festival Chorus

  15. Four string-players smile at the camera

    Takács Quartet

  16. A group of people sitting on beanbags surround people playing the violin

    Mahler 5 Inside Out

  17. Large orchestra performing with instruments

    European Union Youth Orchestra: Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

  18. Man standing and woman outstretched towards him holding his collar

    The Marriage of Figaro

  19. Three men playing stringed instruments in room


  20. orchestra musicians playing instruments on stage with conductor

    European Union Youth Orchestra: Don Quixote

  21. Musicians performing to an audience in large theatre

    Up Lates 2

  22. A man wearing dark sunglasses stands in front of a graffitied door holding a trilby in his hand

    Mahan Esfahani

  23. Three woman looking at each other smiling and holding stringed instruments

    Rising Stars with Ilumina & Liza Ferschtman

  24. Man smiling and facing camera

    Mahler’s Fifth Symphony

  25. Man wearing suit resting his hand on mouth and facing the camera

    Domo Branch & Friends

  26. Woman standing holding wind instrument looking off camera, side lit by spotlight

    Royal Scottish National Orchestra & Elim Chan

  27. Man behind microphone facing the camera

    Thomas Quasthoff Trio

  28. Woman with hair blowing over face wearing suit looking at camera

    Cat Power Sings Dylan ’66

  29. Man seated arm resting on ledge looking to camera

    Seong-Jin Cho

  30. Symphony Orchestra standing together in grand hall holding their instruments

    São Paulo Symphony Orchestra

  31. a man sits on a persian rug playing a stringed instrument

    Mustafa Said

  32. Woman with long dark hair looking off camera


  33. Four women sitting on stairs in dappled light, holding stringed instruments looking right

    Kleio Quartet

  34. Woman looking off camera holding a stringed instrument

    Wu Man

  35. Woman  with dark hair seated playing piano

    Kammerorchester Basel

  36. Men standing on beach behind drum facing camera

    Balimaya Project