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  1. Brighde Chaimbeul and Aidan O'Rourke performing on flute and fiddle
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    A Great Disordered Heart: Shared Melodies

  2. The three members of Lau huddle together
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    A Great Disordered Heart: Shared Futures

  3. The three members of Sian stand in front of a green wall
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    A Great Disordered Heart: Shared Songs

  4. The two musicians pose with their instruments, gazing out to the left of the camera.
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    Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal

  5. The Breabach members pose on a bridge with their instruments: fiddle, cello, bagpipes, guitar, and whistle
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  6. The five Dàimh band members hold their instruments, including guitar and fiddle
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  7. A black and white image of Duncan Chisholm playing the fiddle in front of mountains
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    Duncan Chisholm

  8. The four members of Fara pose together; three women with fiddles and one man, all dressed in black.
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  9. Black and white image of Jenna Reid sitting with her violin
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    Jenna Reid & Harris Playfair with Mr McFall's Chamber

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    Karine Polwart with Dave Milligan

  11. The five female members of Kinnaris Quintet, with abstract blue graphic design
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    Kinnaris Quintet

  12. The four band members of RURA pick up their instruments from their cases
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  13. Siobhan Miller pictured in profile, standing in front of flowered wallpaper
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    Siobhan Miller

  14. Sona Jobarteh, wearing elaborate jewellery and bright clothing, poses with the musical instrument, the kora
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    Sona Jobarteh

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    University of Edinburgh: A Folk Song Sharing

  17. A close-up shot of a violin being played against a deep orange background
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    University of Edinburgh: The Living Archive