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  1. A group of men stand in a line in silhouette, with a strip of blue sky visible behind them
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    AT HOME: Am I Welcome?

  2. A sunny forest with tall, green trees in the background and a cleared path in the foreground with logs stacked up
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    AT HOME: Climate Change and Displacement

  3. An pop art style illustration of a smiling woman with purple hair wearing a t-shirt that says 'I am an immigrant' in red letters
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    I Am An Immigrant

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    AT HOME: Rethinking Internationalism I

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    AT HOME: Rethinking Internationalism II

  6. A black-and-white photograph of a man wearing a bow tie and black tuxedo, standing in a wood-panelled room andsmiling at the camera
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    Rudolf Bing Memorial Lecture

  7. A composite image of a man sat in a floral shirt in a library and a woman with dark hair holding a camera on her shoulder
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  8. Three people in silhouette looking over Usher Hall with a full audience
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    AT HOME: 75 Years Later