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  1. Man standing side on looking up, holding flowers behind his back
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    Jordan Rakei

  2. Man laughing holding stringed instrument, standing against yellow wall with bold shadows
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    Hamilton de Holanda

  3. Woman Standing in front of six men all facing camera and smiling
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  4. A man is standing in front of a mirror looking at himself as he touches his hair
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    Chilly Gonzales

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    Declan McKenna

  6. Man leaning on table with folded arms looking at camera
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    Youssou N’Dour

  7. Woman with hair blowing over face wearing suit looking at camera
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    Cat Power Sings Dylan ’66

  8. Woman with long dark hair looking off camera
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  9. Men standing on beach behind drum facing camera
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    Balimaya Project

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    Lisa O׳Neill

  11. A woman in a draping red dress stands against a deep red curtain, looking into the camera with her hands behind her head
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    Nadine Shah

  12. A women is lying on some grass looking up at the camera
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    Bat for Lashes

  13. Five people seated and facing camera
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    The Magnetic Fields: Part One

  14. Orchestra performing on stage, conductor standing hands raised centre stage
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    GRIT Orchestra

  15. Woman singing center stage holding stringed instrument
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    Endea Owens

  16. A group of 5 people sit and stand around a dark-lit red table.
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    The Magnetic Fields: Part Two