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  1. The singer pictured with her back to the camera, looking back over her left shoulder to smile at the camera.
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    A Grand Night for Singing

  2. Marin Alsop conducts, with baton in hand and the other hand raised in the air
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    BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

  3. Nicola Benedetti looking to the left and smiling while holding her violin.
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    Benedetti Baroque Orchestra

  4. A close-up image of a member of the Chineke! Chamber Ensemble playing her cello, photographed from a low angle to show the position of her hand and bow.
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    Chineke! Chamber Ensemble

  5. Andrea Baker performing onstage, singing with her arms outstretched.
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    Chineke! Orchestra & William Eddins

  6. The pianist shown seated at an open grand piano, leaning forward and resting her head in her left hand. Her face is reflected in the shiny piano cover.
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    Elisabeth Leonskaja

  7. The singer pictured smiling while looking up and to the right, wearing a strapless dress and a silver pendant in the shape of Africa.
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    Fatma Said & Malcolm Martineau

  8. Singer Gerald Finley pictured smiling towards the camera, wearing a blue shirt and navy jacket.
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    Gerald Finley & Julius Drake

  9. The Goldmund Quartet pictured playing their instruments seated close together in front of a window looking out on a snowy mountain scene.
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    Goldmund Quartet

  10. The Quartet pictured with their instruments, dressed in formalwear and standing against a library backdrop.
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    Gringolts Quartet

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    Joyce DiDonato & Il Pomo d’Oro

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    London Symphony Orchestra

  13. Katharine Mehrling and Barrie Kosky hold each other in a dancing pose and smile at the camera.
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    Lonely House

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    Malcolm Martineau & Friends

  15. The soprano pictured standing directly facing the camera with her arms folded, wearing a white shirt, black skirt and red lipstick.
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    Mari Eriksmoen & Daniel Heide

  16. Mariam Batsashvilu pictured standing in front of a grand piano, looking into the camera with her arms folded.
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    Mariam Batsashvili

  17. Thomas Quasthood smiling widely, dressed in a white shirt and pictured against a grey backdrop.
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    Masterclasses with Thomas Quasthoff

  18. The musicians photographed seated in a semi-circle, performing on a raised platform.
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    Maxim Emelyanychev & Principals of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

  19. Women in the Edinburgh Festival Chorus pictured singing from sheet music
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    Members of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus

  20. Nicola Benedetti smiles while holding her violin
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    Nicola Benedetti: The Story of the Violin

  21. What's on

    Noa Wildschut & Elisabeth Brauß

  22. The musician shown seated cross-legged on a stage in an empty theatre, dressed in black and playing the violin.
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    Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Fazil Say

  23. Renée Fleming, pictured leaning against a window and smiling as she gazes out, wearing a black silk shirt with a green and silver pattern.
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    Renée Fleming & Hartmut Höll

  24. The fortepianist shown sitting in front of a grand piano, looking directly into the camera with his arms folded over the back of the chair.
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    Ronald Brautigam, Esther Hoppe & Christian Poltéra

  25. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra stand in front of the Royal Albert Hall on a sunny day
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    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

  26. The conductor shown holding her baton and looking up at the camera, dressed in a white shirt and black tuxedo jacket.
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    Royal Scottish National Orchestra & Elim Chan

  27. A black and white image of Valery Gergiev conducting
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    Royal Scottish National Orchestra & Valery Gergiev

  28. Conductor Thomas Sondergard stands in front of the orchestra with baton in the air
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    Royal Scottish National Orchestra & Thomas Søndergård

  29. Conductor Kazushi Ono pictured holding his baton, wearing a black tuxedo
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    Scottish Chamber Orchestra

  30. The pianist photographed sitting casually on a stool, wearing a dark grey shirt and gazing into the middle distance to the right of the camera.
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    Steven Osborne

  31. Conductor Dalia Staveska, holding her baton
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    The Opening Concert

  32. The violinist pictured standing facing the camera and smiling widely with her hands in her pockets, dressed in black against a black backdrop.
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    The Soldier's Tale

  33. Thomas Quasthoff smiles behind an old-fashioned microphone
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    Thomas Quasthoff Quartet

  34. The quartet pictured standing in a relaxed group against a white backdrop, dressed in casual clothing and holding their instruments by their sides.
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    Zehetmair Quartet