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Jupiter Artland Mlso

Artist-Led Happenings at Jupiter Artland

Avant-garde artist Allan Kaprow coined the term ‘happenings’ to describe his unconventional gatherings in 1960s New York, in which the audience became participants of orchestrated events. As galleries and museums begin to reopen throughout August, Jupiter Artland hosts a series of happenings each inspired by an iconic artwork from Kaprow’s career. 

Scottish artist Cinzia Mutigli reinvents Kaprow’s Sweet Wall to tell stories about sugar and post-colonial identity. Mutigli uses jam as the central metaphor for a multi-disciplinary work including film, performance and jam sandwiches made for her audience. Peter Liversidge is reinventing Kaprow’s happening for the 1963 International Festival by taking orders for placards from the public, which his studio creates for them to take home. New York artist James Hoff mediates on the instructional How to Make a Happening with an installation featuring 100 FM radios and giveaway posters in the Ballroom Gallery.

In addition, Saoirse Amira Anis is the next artist featured in the nation-wide Black Lives Matter Mural Trail with a billboard installation inspired by her experience of protest during lockdown. 

West Lothian’s Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture park and art gallery that has hosted countless world-recognised exhibitions, including Trisha Brown’s sold out In Plain Site at the 2019 International Festival. They are open for pre-booked visits throughout August.  

Allan Kaprow at Jupiter Artland curated by Claire Feeley
Black Lives Matter Scottish Mural Trail produced by Wezi Mhura

Cinzia MutigliPeter LiversidgeAndrea Büttner, James Hoff and Saoirse Amira Anis.

1-31 August 2020