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Ane Satyre of The Thrie Estaitis

A workshop presentation of a contemporary reworking of Sir David Lindsay's play.

Joe Douglas Director
Ian Brown Dramaturg 

2018 marks the 70th anniversary of Tyrone Guthrie and Robert Kemp’s legendary production of Sir David Lindsay’s seminal 16th-century play Ane Satyre of The Thrie Estaitis. It was performed at Assembly Hall as part of the 1948 International Festival, and since then numerous directors and writers have taken different approaches to this bold and, at times, contentious work.

Performed only twice to royalty and commoners in Fife and Edinburgh in the 1550s, Ane Satyre is a breathtaking work that challenges the corruption of the church, aristocracy, business and government through its tale of a young king tempted away from the path of wisdom by vice and debauchery.

Director Joe Douglas and dramaturg Ian Brown have interrogated Sir David Lindsay’s original text, considering how it might be presented for a contemporary audience. Along with a company of actors they will prepare a presentation of Brown’s newly adapted extracts and a discussion about the nature of this unique work and its place in 21st-century theatre.

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Co-presented by the Edinburgh International Festival, 
National Theatre of Scotland and the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

Maureen Beattie Performer
Neshla Caplan Performer
Peter Hannah Performer
Ewan Donald Performer
Billy Mack Performer
Rebekah Lumsden Performer
Carol Ann Crawford Performer
Anneika Rose Performer

Jen McGinley Designer
MJ McCarthy Sound Designer
Erasmus Mackenna Assistant Director
Dan Travis Stage Manager

7 August 2018

This event was part of a previous International Festival and is therefore unavailable to book. The 2019 programme is now available to browse and book. Visit What's On to see the programme

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