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Power, Gender and The Arts

An afternoon of debate, discussion and performance exploring the history and the reality of power in the arts.

Performers, producers, activists and cultural workers come together to investigate where power really lies and what needs to be done to ensure genuine diversity and equality of expression. This exploration of one of the most hotly  Debated issues of our time is hosted by the International Festival in collaboration with Edinburgh’s Fringe, Book, Art and Film Festivals, alongside the actors' union Equity and the Musicians’ Union.

The event is co-curated and chaired by Catherine Mayer – author of Attack of the Fifty Foot Women: How Gender Can Save the World!, co-founder and president of the Women’s Equality Party and former Editor at Large of Time Magazine – the event will welcome participants from across the arts for an afternoon of debate and discussion. 

Panelists include actor and Equity president Maureen Beattie, Artistic Director of the National Theatre of Scotland Jackie Wylie, film producer Alison Owen, filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach and broadcaster and comedian Ayesha Hazarika.

Author and Journalist Chitra Ramaswamy also joins the line-up alongside Naomi Pohl, the first female Assistant General Secretary of the Music Union, and Ruth McCarthy will come as an ambassador for Outburst Queer Arts Festival in Northern Ireland.

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Panelists include:

Catherine Mayer Author, journalist and co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party is our co-curator and moderator

Ayesha Hazarika Comedian and broadcaster

Maureen Beattie Actor and President of Equity

Naomi Pohl Musician’s Union

Jackie Wylie Artistic Director of NTS

Hope Dickson Leach Filmmaker 

Alison Owen Film producer, known for films such as Sufragette and Saving Mr Banks

Ruth McCarthy Artistic Director of Outburst Arts, Belfast

More information about some of the panelists:

Catherine Mayer
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Ayesha Hazareka
Website | Twitter

Naomi Pohl 

Chitra Ramaswamy

Layla-Roxanne Hill

Jackie Wylie

Hope Dickson Leach

Ruth McCarthy

10 August 2018

This event was part of a previous International Festival and is therefore unavailable to book. The 2020 programme will be announced in the spring.

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Supported by

Edinburgh Trade Union Council and
Scottish Trade Unions