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Lo Real / Le Réel / The Real

Israel Galván | Contemporary Flamenco

One critic wrote, ‘Israel Galván doesn’t dance flamenco, he reinvents it’.

Israel Galván was born into flamenco and has gone on to extend the flamenco form with his innovative choreography and breathtaking dancing technique. 

In his latest and perhaps most poignant creation, he draws together an extraordinary group of singers, instrumentalists and dancers to tell of the plight of the Roma and the Sinti peoples in fascist Spain during the 1930s and 40s. They convey the pain and the suffering – but also the pride, free spirit and love of life – of a people that remains persecuted to this day.

In his search to examine his beloved traditional form in radically untraditional ways, Galván has provoked controversy and debate. However, all agree that his passion, virtuosity and integrity have made him one of the most fascinating artists in contemporary Spanish dance.

The most indelible dance production of the year


Israel Galván Choreography
Israel Galván, Isabel Bayón and Belén Maya Dancers
Tomás de Perrate and David Lagos Singers
Juan Gómez 'Chicuelo'  Guitar
and music ensemble of the company


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Twitter: @israel_glv

Facebook: IsraelGlv

19-21 August 2015

This event was part of a previous International Festival and is therefore unavailable to book. The 2020 programme will be announced in the spring.