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Get to know the musical versatility and emotional depth of John Grant's songwriting.

There's a little something for everyone in our new John Grant playlist. We have the folky crooners of his debut solo album Queen of Denmark, the electro-pop/rock blends from his collaboration with Biggi Veira of Icelandic electronica outfit GusGus, and even a hark back to his original stint in the spotlight as front-man of the indie-rock band The Czars. All are united by Grant's frank, often playful, but also deeply emotive and confessional lyrics.

Grant's songwriting mines the darkest points of his personal life and translates them into a universal sensitivity for listeners to tap into. He is open about his struggles with mental health, applying acerbic wit against himself and his ex-lovers to demonstrate the equally devastating effects of a low self-esteem and heartbreak. He is also committed to being vocal about his sexuality, having suffered extreme homophobia growing up and dealt with the trauma for a time with alcohol and substance abuse. Part of his self-reflective writing is motivated by a wish to be a source of comfort to people experiencing similar difficulties.

Whether he’s playing mournful ballads or catchy pop hooks, Grant is a musician for sensitive souls. He plays at the International Festival this summer on 20 August.