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Sample Pierre-Laurent Aimard's world-renowned flair for interpreting composer greats in our newest playlist.

This week our playlist turns to the International Festival's artist-in-residence, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, whose dexterity on the piano has secured his reputation as a leading performer both of contemporary music and of classical masters like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

A five times Grammy Award-nominee, he was last nominated for his Deutsche Grammophon recording of Bartók's "Concerto for Two Pianos and Percussion", which he performed with fellow pianist (and wife) Tamara Stefanovich.

In the documentary Pianomania, Aimard teams up with Stefan Knüpfer, a master tuner of the company Steinway & Sons, in search of the perfect piano on which to play and record Bach's "The Art of Fugue". In it we are treated to several pieces played by Aimard - including Elliott Carter's "Caténaires".

Aimard was artistic director of the Aldeburgh Festival between 2009 and 2016, when he marked his departure with a day-long recital of Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux. Starting at 4:30am to accompany the dawn chorus, he played the evocations of birdsong in locations throughout Suffolk over a whole day. The performance was considered a fitting tribute to Messiaen's wife, Yvonne Loriod, who was the composer's muse and also Aimard's teacher.