Our Work with Children & Families

As part of our Learning and Engagement activity, we present a number of year-round creative projects that engage children who are in school years up to Primary 7 with music, theatre, opera, visual art, literacy, and health and wellbeing.

A group of children play on an outdoor stage at Hermitage Park Primary School
Credit: Ryan Buchanan

Play On: Stages

Play On: Stages is a project that looked to build stages in the playgrounds of primary schools in Edinburgh in place of the stages left empty in August 2020, when the International Festival was cancelled in a live sense and moved online. Built in consultation with teachers and pupils, the structures have been designed to bring theatricality to the school and support young people to play, perform and learn outdoors.

Alongside each structure the International Festival will provide online resources and a programme of engagement activities to support creativity and learning.

More information on the stages and our full Play On: Stages resource can be found here.

Art of Listening

The International Festival’s flagship classical music project.

The Art of Listening is a music-based project for Primary 7 pupils introducing them to the International Festival through song and live performance. The two-hour workshop takes place in The Hub, with transport provided to all schools attending.

Our team of artists present an engaging workshop that encourages pupils to increase their understanding of music and the role they play as listeners. Attendees are presented with an exploration of what we can hear when we listen to music, and how through a deeper understanding of this, we can engage our imaginations and develop stronger listening skills. Through live performance, practical exercises and an awareness of the skills of voice and instrument, pupils are presented the opportunity to creatively provide their response to music stimuli.

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