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Immerse yourself in St. Vincent's dance-ready pop hooks and experimental lyricism.

We asked you to name your top St. Vincent songs and you sure did deliver. This week's playlist features something for every mood, from the mock-jauntiness of her hit single "Pills" to the emotive melancholy in "Smoking Section" and the dream-like daze of "Huey Newton".

Charged with fuzzy guitar riffs and smatterings of electro-pop, St. Vincent combines her knack for catchy hooks with an intelligent experimental edge that has delighted critics and listeners alike. She has cited David Bowie, Kate Bush, Patti Smith, and Talking Heads as influences on her contemporary art-pop, which has the power both to pull you up for a dance or to place you into a more meditative state.

St. Vincent joins us this year on 26th August in the Edinburgh Playhouse on a rare visit to Scotland as part of her I Am a Lot Like You! tour. Tickets on sale now.