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Gutsy, fearless theatre

Why does the elephant-headed Hindu god, Ganesh, travel through time to Nazi Germany?

Something new in every piece

Lewis has risen to become one of the world’s most sought-after pianists, internationally admired particularly for his interpretations of the Viennese classics.

Yes We Khan

Akram Khan's Gnosis, which will be specially restaged for the Edinburgh International Festival, had a tricky start.

At the ForeFRONT

It's a Saturday night in Hamburg's Thalia Theatre and a line of men have taken their places...

A peek into the future...

Fergus Linehan, Director Designate of the Festival shared some early insights into planning Festivals from 2015.

Teatro Regio on the mark

There are only two or three tenors in the world who can feasibly tackle the role of Arnold: John Osborn is one of them.

Organise Your Festival Diary: Our Top Festival Booking Tips

Getting ready to book your festival tickets?

That's What Friends Are For

Friends and Patrons of the Festival are key to keeping the Edinburgh International Festival innovative, world leading and accessible to everyone.

Three Kings of Scotland

The James Plays, which premieres at Edinburgh International Festival, is one of the most ambitious theatrical projects to be realised in Scotland in recent years.

Face to Face with History

The live people you will see in this show will stand absolutely still. You won't be able to escape their stare.

A place for reflection

Samoan choreographer, Lemi Ponifasio imbues everything he creates with his own personal philosophy on our place in the world – it’s an experience like no other.

Putting cultures on the Map

I, CULTURE is very much a new kid on the orchestral block.

Feathers and Leathers

Inala is the Zulu word for 'abundance of good will' - this new collaboration aspires to be an exception meeting place of cultures.

A unique experience of History

It’s a stageful of performers that the pioneering Catalonian viol player and director Jordi Savall brings along for his Usher Hall concert in Festival 2014.

A flair for flamenco

Paco Peña acknowledges that Patria will be his most profoundly personal work.

Perfect Day

There are those days, aren’t there, that you want to hold in your memory as just “perfect”?