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The Crucible The Crucible | Photo: Andy Ross

A glimpse into The Crucible


Get to know the story of Arthur Miller's masterpiece, and the world premiere production coming to the International Festival this August.

So, what is The Crucible actually all about?

Accusations of witchcraft are used to target rivals and settle scores in the community of Salem. As panic and hysteria set in and things spiral out of control, John Proctor has to decide whether to follow the dictates of his conscience or save first, his reputation and subsequently, his life.

In Arthur Miller's allegory - a central work in American literature - the playwright mirrors the Salem witch trials of the 17th century with the cultural pressure of McCarthyism in the 1950s that gripped the United States, recalling a community destroyed by accusations fuelled by fear, hostility and hysteria.

This is the first time the play has been re-imagined into a full-length narrative ballet, with pioneering choreographer Helen Pickett adapting the original as one of Scottish Ballet’s 50th anniversary highlights. This world premiere production is part of their Five in Five campaign to commission and stage five new full-length ballets in five years.

Here's Helen Pickett in rehearsal with the Scottish Ballet artists.

But what will the performance be like at this year's International Festival?

This production from Scottish Ballet is certainly a feast for the eyes and the ears with Peter Salem's thrilling new score played live by the Scottish Ballet Orchestra. Emma Kingsbury and David Finn complete the artistic team, designing the costumes, lighting and set. Both designers previously collaborated with Pickett and Salem to create the new ballet based on Tennessee Williams' Camino Real for Atlanta Ballet in 2015 to rave reviews.

With a set as detailed as Pickett's choreography, the team combine to unleash the full emotional force of Miller's masterpiece. Take a look for yourself...

It looks incredible, how do I book my tickets?

It certainly does! Booking tickets has never been easier, just go to the event page here, and select your preferred date and seats. Alternatively you can call Hub Tickets on +44 (0)131 473 2000 or visit us at The Hub. We'll see you at Edinburgh Playhouse this August.

Scottish Ballet's world premiere production of The Crucible comes to the International Festival on 3-5 August 2019.

The Crucible | Photo: Nicola Selby

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