Anything That Gives Off Light - School project

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The installation:

The Anything That Gives Off Light Installation ran from 5-29 August 2016, and was free to view at the Scottish Parliament Pools, Horse Wynd. 

The project:

The Creative Learning project Anything That Gives Off Light was a one-day writing and visual arts workshop for Primary 7 pupils presented by a team of artists and writers.

Our 2016 primary school project took its inspiration from Anything that Gives off Light, an Edinburgh International Festival co-production with the National Theatre of Scotland and The TEAM.

In a full day workshop, Primary Seven pupils were encouraged to explore through art and writing the ideas of aspiration, inspiration and where these ideas might come from within each of us.

The first half of the day explored through creative writing exercises how to articulate complex notions of the extraordinary in the ordinary, the unusual, the inspirational and how these ideas can shape and form our world and our futures.

The second half of the day took the written ideas created by the class and applied them in the creation of a collage. Pupils also learned fine painting skills through the painting of their own personal figurine – a representation of themselves.

The written objects were attached to the figurines and this artwork then formed part of an installation during August 2016 comprising of one thousand human figurines from schools across the City of Edinburgh and placed in the city centre open to the public at the heart of the International Festival.