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Staying safe during your visit

Your safety and security at International Festival events is of the upmost importance to us, whilst also making sure you enjoy your visit as well, of course!

Please note that bags may be subject to security searches and you should not bring bags larger than 30cm x 30cm x 15cm to our venues. You may not be allowed in with them.

This year you may see additional security measures in place across the city, as is the case in a number of major towns and cities in the UK. We work with Police Scotland and other advisers every year to ensure that our venues remain safe for visitors to the International Festival. Details of any security precautions taken by the International Festival are not widely disclosed to ensure maximum effectiveness and visitor safety.

If you spot anything suspicious during your visit to Edinburgh and the International Festival, please do let a member of the team or security personnel around the city know.

Edinburgh International Festival receives EFFE Award

The special award recognises the International Festival’s continued reinvention and inspiration to the arts and festivals world

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