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Meet the performers of MINEFIELD

War isn’t what interests me, it’s what comes after the war that interests me

Lola Arias, director of MINEFIELD

This August, six Argentine and British veterans from both sides of the 1982 Falklands/Malvinas conflict come together for a remarkable show exploring the treacherous minefield of their memories, through theatre, film and live rock music.

Ahead of their performance at the International Festival, get to know the veterans and their stories as they audition for MINEFIELD. Amongst the others, you’ll be introduced to Gabriel Sagastume, a soldier who never wanted to shoot a gun, now is a criminal lawyer; Ruben Otero who survived the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano, and now he’s in a Beatles tribute band; and David Jackson who spent the war listening and transcribing radio codes, and now listens to other veterans in his role as a counsellor.

Watch the video to hear all six performers talk about their experiences.

See MINEFIELD on 6 - 9 August as part of the 2017 Edinburgh International Festival. Book your tickets now.

MINEFIELD is presented as part of the Edinburgh International Festival and British Council season Spirit of '47.

Photo (left to right, top row first): Lou Armour, Marcelo Vallejo, Sukrim Rai, David Jackson, Ruben Otero, Gabriel Sagastume – all photos © Manuel Abramovich; adapted by the International Festival.

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