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Martin Creed talks about his residency at the 2017 International Festival

To me it’s all to do with seeing what you can do to make you feel better and make your life better.

When you take up Martin Creed’s invitation to join him this August, when he takes up residence for the 2017 International Festival, you are in for an iconoclastic evening of art and silliness, humour and subversion. Expect to be surprised, and you won’t be disappointed.

“Some of the visual work I’ve done, when I saw the finished works I feel you couldn’t really see what had happened. All you’re seeing in an art gallery is the bit that is left over in the end.”

Watch the video below to hear artist, musician and Turner Prize-winner Martin Creed talk about what he’s planning for this special encounter with the audience.

Martin Creed's Word and Music will be at the 2017 International Festival on 4-27 August (except 8, 9, 15 & 21 August) at The Studio, and you can book your tickets now.

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