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International Festival Portraits | Zinnie Harris

I think part of being a human is to try and explore different ways of telling stories

- Zinnie Harris

Artists from the heart of the International Festival.

Award-winning playwright Zinnie Harris talks about writing and forming stories, the importance of challenging something within the soul, and why that has always been a part of being human.

Zinnie Harris brings three productions to the 2017 Edinburgh International Festival. Book your tickets now for Oresteia: This Restless House, Rhinoceros and Meet Me at Dawn.

Watch her talk about each performance on our blog.

The International Festival Portraits are a series of interviews with actors, choreographers, musicians, conductors, writers and directors talking about the art that they love.

The 2017 International Festival Portraits feature Alan AyckbournAnoushka ShankarJoshua BellMartin CreedMitsuko Uchida and Zinnie Harris in a series of personal reflections on their art-form, the nature of live performance, and the unique connection they experience with an audience every time they take to the stage.