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Discover Greek’s demonic energy with a side of Cockney drawl

Not sure what else you want to book this summer? Still looking to fill your August diary? We've got just the thing! Browse this blog to find out why Greek is the something different you've been looking for, and get a sense of what’s to come on the 5 & 6 August.

What is Greek like?

Based on the in-your-face stage play by Steven Berkoff, Greek transports the ancient Oedipus myth to the divided Britain of the 1980s. Below, Susan Bullock (Eddy’s mum) and Allison Cook (Eddy’s wife) tell us what Mark-Anthony Turnage’s opera is actually like.

Who is Eddy?

Thuggish young Eddy longs for a life beyond his seedy East End family. But when he’s told he’ll murder his father and sleep with his mother, he flees his grimy home for a shiny new life. But can he escape the coming cataclysm – or is he the trigger? Hear from Eddy (Alex Otterburn) and director Joe Hill-Gibbins about the main character of the opera and the world that he lives in.

Greek is still relevant today

Greek gives the ancient myth of Oedipus a contemporary resonance in which racism, police violence, strikes and inner city decay combine in an apocalyptic vision of a divided Britain. Director Joe Hill-Gibbins gives a somewhat comical account of why the 1980s world of Greek still reflects the modern day in the video below.

is not like any other opera

Greek has taken influences from the jazz of Miles Davis to the chants of the football terraces, all bound together with Turnage’s renowned muscular power. With its choked Cockney drawl and its demonic energy, Greek is aggressive, defiant and profane – an operatic blow to the stomach with all the fury of a pub brawl. Watch the video to let Eddy convince you.


We thought so. And although we don’t think you need any more reasons to see Greek this August, we’ll leave you with this. Mark-Anthony Turnage’s blazing score blends the brutal sounds of the streets with a touching lyrical tenderness and you can hear a little clip of what’s to come from baritone Alex Otterburn below.

Greek | Festival Theatre
5 August 7.15pm
6 August 5pm

A new co-production between Opera Ventures & Scottish Opera
Directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins
Conducted by Stuart Stratford
Written by Mark-Anthony Turnage, based on the play by Steven Berkoff

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