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Blueprint for the Future

In this blog post our Creative Learning Projects Officer, Lucy Deere, tells us about the Blueprint for the Future workshops.

Our latest programme of workshops for secondary school students explored the art of letter writing, made use of an early photography process called cyanotype, and asked pupils to think about their hopes and dreams for the future… We like to pack a lot into projects here at the International Festival. By using a variety of approaches in our workshops, we hope to make a unique and interesting experience for the young people we work with.

A team of professional artists – Fraser Gray, Brodie Sim, Ginny Elston, Yann Seznec, Melanie Sangwine and Louise Fraser – worked with the students to explore their ideas over two workshops, one which took place in their school and one in a specially built studio here at The Hub. The artists specialise in a range of mediums, from photography to sculpture, sound-making to painting (and a whole lot more); their varied experience meant that the students had a chance to learn new techniques direct from the experts.

Taking inspiration from the wonderful Letters of Note anthology (don't miss Letters Live in this year's programme!) we asked the students to write a letter as their future self, back to themselves today – what would you want to tell yourself? What do you think would be best left as a surprise? Who do you think you might become in the future? The results they produced were fantastic - a mixture of funny, secretive, ambitious and self-conscious, it gave a real glimpse into the teenage psyche and what their concerns about the world today are. They then used their letters to produce beautiful cyanotype prints, which will be displayed in the city centre throughout August (location TBC).

Students working on their cyanotype prints

Finished cyanotypes

Photos: Mihaela Bodlovic

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