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Benjamin Clementine releases "Phantom of Aleppoville"

Aleppoville is a place where many are bullied if not all, but no one understands nor see why; Phantom.

- Benjamin Clementine about the new song

Singer, songwriter and poet Benjamin Clementine has just released new music following his recent collaboration with Gorillaz on Hallelujah Money. The new song, Phantom of Aleppoville, was written, recorded and produced by the artist.

The new track is inspired by the writing of pioneering British psychoanalyst Donald Winicott whose work drew parallels, whilst not comparing the scale of suffering, between the effects following children being bullied in the home and at school, and the children being displaced by war. Clementine saw Winicott’s writing mirroring his own childhood experiences, and he chose the “little city of Aleppo” to symbolise a place where children encounter such bullying.

The new song is accompanied by a video shot by photographer Craig McDean and filmmaker Masha Vasyukova, which you can see below. You can also read our previous blog post to find out more about Benjamin Clementine and book your tickets for his performance on 10 August when he is be joined by special guests for an evening of beautiful music across international cultures.

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