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Round Up | Standard Life Opening Event: Deep Time

On Sunday 7 August, 27,000 people watched 350 million years elapse in 18 minutes. 

Deep Time projection

The Standard Life Opening Event: Deep Time saw mapped projections by 59 Productions light up Edinburgh Castle and Castle rock with monumental digital animations exploring the theory and history of deep time.

Deep time, the idea that time stretches beyond human timescales into the geological and the atronomical, was first posited by Edinburgh man James Hutton in the 18th Century. 

Audience members were utterly mesmerised by the event:

The audience was spellbound. Have a watch! 

Portrait Exhibition of Castlebrae High School Pupils

A permanent installation of photographic portraits is a lasting legacy of the International Festival’s relationship with the school.

First show of the 2018 International Festival announced

National Theatre of Scotland's restaging of Midsummer by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre will be part of the 2018 International Festival.

International Festival Photographer Exhibition 2017 opens

Counterpoint, a photography exhibition showcasing the 2017 Edinburgh International Festival opens at The Hub