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The Anything That Gives Off Light project


                              are like

                             glittery rainbows,

                                  melting like

               marshmallows on


                                     trips, with hot fire

                       on a dark night.

-          Student from Corstorphine Primary School

For several months, the Edinburgh International Festival, along with a crack team of writers and visual artists, have been working with young people across Edinburgh to create Anything That Gives Off Light.

The project is inspired by the play of the same name, a collaboration between Brooklyn-based theatre company The TEAM and National Theatre of Scotland, which is part of the 2016 International Festival programme.

24 schools across the City of Edinburgh (39 classes of around 1000 Primary Seven pupils) took part in the project led by 9 workshop leaders – 3 visual artists, 3 writers and 3 workshop assistants.

Students explored themes of inspiration and aspiration through creative writing exercises (such as mesostic poems), collage and creating their own personalised figurines.


The figurines act as avatars – representations of the students who made them – moved into poses that express who they really are.

All of the artworks the students have created will form part of an installation during August comprising one thousand figurines from schools across the city and placed in a structure in the Scottish Parliament Pools, Horse Wynd – open to the public at the heart of the International Festival.

The Anything That Gives Off Light installation opens on 5 August and runs throughout the International Festival. The installation is free to the public, and we invite everyone to come along and see the illuminated imaginings of the young people of Edinburgh!

Anything That Gives Off Light installation

5 - 29 August 2016
Scottish Parliament Pools, Horse Wynd

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