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A Young Musician's Passport holder reviews the Festival

One of the Young Musican's Passport holders is Hilde Metzger. She has been keeping a blog review of the shows that she has attended at Usher Hall!

The Young Musician’s Passport was a scheme started this year by the Edinburgh International Festival in order to allow musical children free access to the concert series in the Usher Hall. By signing up, children could experience a vast array of musical talents without paying a penny! Young Musician's Passport holder Hilde's blog can be found here. Check it out for a fresh perspective on some classics!

Here’s a peek at one of her posts on the Russian National Orchestra!

"AMAZING!! Nikolai Lugansky was just fantastic. He made the concerto look so easy (as all great pianists do.) He plays with great agility and expression. I have seen him twice before, this past season with the RSNO, and at the morning recital at the Queens Hall last Thursday. Both times he was absolutely fantastic but tonight he played my all time favourite piano concerto so that makes it even more special. I read that before he started learning piano, at the age of five he had heard and memorised an entire Beethoven sonata and played it on his neighbour’s piano.

The Seasons was another new piece for me. I loved it purely because it had such extensive flute melodies and the image of all the seasons came across very well. The high pitched strings starting off tranquil quickly turning into a snowstorm worked well for the winter and the 3/4 time signature was especially effective for the summer. But Autumn is my definite favourite because of the amazing percussion section being free to go wild. The percussionist who played the triangle, really wasn’t ashamed of it. He played it with pride and volume which made the triangle stand out. Another instrument that I spent a long time watching was the harp because it had so many scales and arpeggios to play. And of course I spent most of the time watching the flautists because they had the melody most of the time, and they uses a lot of different techniques such as flutter tonguing."

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