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Captioned Performances

This service is useful for anyone who is deaf, hard-of-hearing, has difficulty in following strong accents, or whose first language is not English. Captions are displayed in large print on either side of the stage. A captioner cues the text that appears in real time as the words are spoken by the performers. The captions also provide information about who is speaking and any sound effects or music that may be important to understanding the performance.

Supertitles are available for most operas and choral works. These are lyrics displayed in large print above the stage, and translated into English when required.

The Destroyed Room | The Lyceum 
Sun 7 Aug 1.30pm 

Interiors | The Lyceum 
Sat 7 Aug 8pm

The Glass Menagerie | King's Theatre
Wed 10 Aug 7.30pm

Anything That Gives Off Light | Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Sat 20 Aug 2.30pm