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Lucy Halloween

A very International Festival Halloween


The team has had a brainstorm and we’ve put together a list of highly original, International Festival inspired costumes!

Halloween costumes can be a real bore. Witches, demons, sexy ghosts - they've all been done to...well...death.

Luckily, our team has had a brainstorm and we’ve put together a list of highly original, International Festival inspired costumes!

Freak out your friends and terrify your enemies as:

An unsettled photographer

The Encounter tells the story of intrepid photographer, Loren McIntyre, journeying deep into the Amazon rainforest and coming face to face with the slippery nature of consciousness. We honestly can’t think of anything more frightening.

Many legged vengeance

“Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen” – “Hell's vengeance boils in my heart!” cries the Queen of the Night, waggling her many legs and glaring menacingly at poor old Pamina. This one’s sure to be a hit with the kids.

A Gloomy Scottish King

James I had a rough trot. Childhood captive to Henry IV and Henry V. Super unpopular as King of Scotland. Eventually murdered in Perth. Ugh. Deliciously grizzly Halloween fodder though!

The ultimate gloomy Scottish King

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes! Dress up as Macbeth and you pretty much win at Halloween. Witches, bloody murder and a walking forest – jackpot!

An existential crisis

The Prince of Denmark, with his ghostly da, his obsession with death and his neat, wee codpiece is a hot bet for Halloween.

An emergent structure (you’ll need a few friends)

“Emergence in nature happens when a large group of individuals, responding to local stimuli, create beautiful, incredible emergent structures that look like one entity, one brain.”

So, you’ll need a 38-strong corps de ballet for this one. But wow, it’ll pack a punch. 

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