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14 times the cast of Die Walküre were EXTRA

1. That time Christine Goerke photoshopped her dog in preparation for performing Die Walküre in Scotland

A doggy opera sounds like a GREAT idea to us dog-face_1f436-02.png

2. That time when Matthew Rose found out who he'd be sharing his dressing room with

We sure would love to be a fly on that wall!

3. That time Amber Wagner and Christine Goerke wore the same (stunning) top to rehearsal and we were treated to this photo...

We're now just waiting to buy our tickets for the Titanic opera admission-tickets_1f39f-02.png

4. That time cast members gushed about each other and how special this concert was going to be

We're not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! 

5. That time we were treated to yet ANOTHER photoshop of the newest opera coming to #EdintFest

Can't it just exist already, PLEASE?! 

6. That time Karen Cargill came back from her Twitter break especially for #EdintFest

Okay, it might not have been especially for us but we are inclined to agree with her second statement!

7. That time the Walküre family became official


8. That time some of them starred in the latest blockbuster hit

Maybe not but they really are some wonderful women, perhaps you could say they were super... (heroes).

9. That time Amber Wagner and Karen Cargill showed off their super hero skills

Or perhaps their highland dancing skills..?!

10. That time they all took a selfie in a lift

And mini Wotan realised his future career... 

11. That time they were all just the nicest people ever

Supportive friends are the best kind of friends.

12. That time Bryn Terfel, Simon O'Neill and Matthew Rose got ready for an aftershow scrum

Great at singing AND rugby?! 

13. That time Christine Goerke did some major multitasking during the performance

Cast member AND audience member? You've got some skills lady!


Dear the cast of Die Walküre, we're really going to miss you, you comical geniuses you (as well as world-class opera singers obviously). Please come back soon!

PS thanks to @DeirdrMichael for the exquisite photoshopping skills.

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