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In August 2020 the Edinburgh International Festival was cancelled for the first time in its 73-year history. In place of the stages left empty by the social distancing restrictions, the International Festival has launched a project to build stages in the playgrounds of Edinburgh primary schools.

So far the project has built stages in four of the feeder primary schools to Leith Academy, our residency school, expanding the legacy of our work and commitment in the area. These schools are Hermitage Park Primary School, Leith Primary School, Lorne Primary School and St Mary’s RC (Leith) Primary School. We are now working with each school to provide them with engagement activities and performances to bring their stages to life and enrich the lives of the pupils.

The following resource is to accompany the introduction of a playground stage to pupils and staff of the school, although elements can be used for general teaching about the International Festival and the arts.

What is the International Festival?

About the Stage
Bringing the stages to life
The 2021 International Festival

Information for Teachers

Teachers, please find a wider introduction to the Edinburgh International Festival, the art forms we present on stage and Edinburgh the Festival City. You can download this document by opening it in full screen mode and clicking the icon in the lop left-hand corner.

Below you will also find further support including Artform Resources, introductions to the artforms the International Festival presents within its programme, and Stage Careers, short video introductions to some of the individuals involved in creating the stages and their careers.

You can download this file as a PDF here

Stage Careers

We meet some of the people behind the creation of our stages and learn more about their jobs and their career paths.

Stage Careers with Craig Castle: Craig discusses his career as a stage carpenter and the unusual places it's taken him
Stage Careers with Luke Oldale: Luke discusses his career as a stage carpenter and how he met Gandalf
Stage Careers with Fiona Clark: Fiona discusses her career as a scenic artist and how she made the biggest sandpit

Artform Resources

To support learning about the artforms that the International Festival presents on stage, we have produced the following documents you may wish to utilise in your lessons.


You can download this file as a PDF here.