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Sylvie Guillem –
Life in Progress

Mats Ek | William Forsythe | Akram Khan | Russell Maliphant
8 - 10 August 2015
Festival Theatre

Hailed as one of the greatest dancers of her generation, Sylvie Guillem embarks on her final world tour, in a programme that features new works by Akram Khan and Russell Maliphant and existing creations by Mats Ek and William Forsythe.

Guillem began training at the Paris Opera Ballet School in 1977, and in 1981 joined the company’s corps de ballet, being promoted to the rank of ‘Etoile’ by Rudolf Nureyev at the age of 19.

Since then she has performed all the leading roles of the classical repertoire with the world’s leading companies including The Royal Ballet, where she was principal guest artist for more than a decade. She has also performed with the world’s most famous companies including the Mariinsky, American Ballet Theatre and La Scala, Milan. Since 2004 she has been an Associate Artist at Sadler’s Wells, and has forged a second, hugely successful career as a dancer in new and contemporary works.

Sylvie Guillem is widely regarded as the most brilliant ballerina of her generation

The Guardian

A Sadler’s Wells production, co-produced with Les Nuits de Fourvière, China Shanghai International Arts Festival and Sylvie Guillem

  • Running time: 
    1 hour and 45 minutes approximately


Festival Theatre

13-29 Nicolson Street,

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Choreographer Akram Khan
Composer Alies Sluiter (published by Mushroom Music Publishing/BMG Chrysalis in collaboration with Prathap Ramachandra and Grace Savage)
Lighting Designers Adam Carrée, Lucy Carter
Costume Designer Kimie Nakano
Rehearsal Director Jose Agudo
Dancer Sylvie Guillem
Musicians Prathap Ramachandra (percussion), Grace Savage (beatbox), Emma Smith (violin, voice, laptop)

Choreographer William Forsythe
Composer Thom Willems
Lighting Ranja Rühl
Dancers Brigel Gjoka, Riley Watts
World premiere 20 January 1996, Ballett Frankfurt, Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt
DUO2015 premiere 31 March 2015, Teatro Comunate Luciano Pavarotti, Modena

Here & After
Director & Choreographer Russell Maliphant
Lighting Designer Michael Hulls
Composer Andy Cowton
Costume Designer Stevie Stewart
Dancers Sylvie Guillem, Emanuela Montanari

Choreographer Mats Ek
Composer Ludwig van Beethoven (Piano Sonata Op. 111, Arietta; Recording played by Ivo
Set & Costume Designer Katrin Brännström
Lighting Designer Erik Berglund
Filmographer Elias Benxon
Dancer Sylvie Guillem
Co-produced by Dansens Hus Stockholm

A Sadler’s Wells Production, co-produced with Les Nuits de Fourvière and Sylvie Guillem

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Facebook: AkramKhanCompany 

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Twitter: @RMaliphant
Facebook: Russell-Maliphant

Life in Progress | List review

August 10th 2015

A magnificent showcase from a dance master ★★★★★

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Review by: 

Lucy Ribchester
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Life in Progress | Scotsman review

August 10th 2015

she is still at the top of her game – athletic, endlessly flexible, an exquisite storyteller ★★★★★

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Kelly Apter
Dance critic
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Life in Progress | Herald Scotland review

August 9th 2015

Like a comet across our skies, we won’t see her brilliance again ★★★★★

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Mary Brennan
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Life in Progress | Times review

August 11th 2015

Bye is a warmly witty and truly touching late-career signature piece ★★★★★

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Donald Hutera
Dance critic
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Life in Progress | WhatsOnStage review

August 10th 2015

absolutely in her prime ★★★★★

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Michael Coveney

Life in Progress | Evening Standard feature

July 28th 2015

I need to defend these pieces, they are important to me. They can’t be done at 50 or 80 or 90 or even 99 per cent. It always has to be 100, or you don’t do it. It’s the only way.

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Review by: 

Lyndsey Winship
Dance critic
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Life in Progress | Guardian review

May 28th 2015

with her flukily beautiful limbs and transparently expressive technique, Guillem at 50 can still dance almost anyone else off the stage

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Review by: 

Judith Mackrell
Dance Critic
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Life in Progress | Telegraph review

May 27th 2015

She could stand there and flex her feet and would still be the most charismatic performer on earth.

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Laura Thompson
Dance Critic
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Life in Progress | The List, Akram Khan interview

July 31st 2015

People say they love to dance, but with Sylvie you see the reality and proof of it

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Review by: 

Kelly Apter
Dance critic
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