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Akram Khan Company
19 - 21 August 2014

Drawing from sources both ancient and modern, Gnosis is inspired in part by the Hindu epic the Mahabharata and the story of Gandhari, the wife of the blind king who blindfolds herself for life to share his journey. As her family becomes embroiled in an internecine war, Gnosis explores notions of inner knowledge and clouded vision, experiencing darkness while being blind to light.

One of the world's most original and exciting dance artists, Akram Khan's inimitable style combines classical Indian Kathak dance with his contemporary dance roots. Pursuing the idea of the 'knowledge within', Gnosis is an exploration of the inner and outer battles of characters, the human and the godly on a pathway of transformation culminating in a shattering conclusion.

Khan is accompanied on stage by an ensemble of exceptional musicians from around the world and acclaimed dancer Fang-Yi Sheu from Taiwan. This revival of Gnosis has been commissioned by the Edinburgh International Festival.

Now when (Khan) dances, he doesn't just tell his own story - he tells all our stories

The Arts Desk on Desh, 2011

His art speaks tremendously of tremendous things

Financial Times

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    Thursday 21 August 7.45pm
  • Running time: 
    1 hour and 35 minutes approximately

The appearance of Fang-Yi Sheu supported by

The Ministry of Culture, Taiwan


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    Akram Khan Company

    Akram Khan Artistic director, choreographer and dancer
    Fang-Yi Sheu Dancer (Guest artist)

    Koushik Aithal Vocals
    B C Manjunath Mridanga
    Kartik Raghunathan Violin
    Lucy Railton Cello
    Sanju Sahai Tabla
    Bernhard Schimpelsberger Percussion

    Ruth Little Dramaturgy
    Fabiana Piccioli Lighting and set designer
    Kimie Nakano and Kei Ito Costume designers

    Photo: Richard Haughton

    This event was part of a previous International Festival and is therefore unavailable to book.

    The 2018 International Festival will be available to browse online in the spring.


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